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Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to your favourite fashion blog – Ertsy! In case you’re new around here, we welcome you to the ertsy family! For this week’s much awaited #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek we have the ‘Coordinated Lass’. In this week’s look-book, I’ve styled my awesome sister in some casual, festival feely clothes and the look has turned out to be an absolute delight!

We, at Ertsy, always aim to bring out the best in lives we touch. Which is why, our looks are not only unique, stylish and comfortable all at the same time but we also make sure to give out possible styles for all possible body-types out there. At Ertsy, we believe that people, irrespective of their shape, size or ethnicity are pure beautiful and so, we always aspire to celebrate people and share their love and desire for their own selves!

This week’s look, too, is a mix of some body-centric amazing styling, make-up tips, great clothing, niche styling and an amazing ensemble.

I also want to thank my sister for modelling for me whenever she’s not spending time shooting my looks.xx

Getting back to the look, this ‘Coordinate’ Fashion is basically an extension of what was the dungaree in the 90-s.

The Look

We’ve hipped a little more with the festive retro touch and added the sassy make-up, feather ear-cuff, some chains and a sling bag as extension of boho to our lass in here.

Coordinated Lass




The whole look in itself is very artistic and expressive. Ersty is in fact, all about expressing yourself with your style!

IMG_20160512_015036-001 IMG_20160512_014955-001

With multiple tones and shades to it, this look is perfect for everything, festival, day out, date out and even a casual house-party!

IMG_20160512_015153-001 IMG_20160512_015251-001

Processing how you wish to express yourself with your style, understanding your body-type and embracing it makes up for the best kind of fashion. Once you know what you are, you’re able to dress yourself the way that goes with it!

IMG_20160511_181207-001 IMG_20160512_014658-001


Now, go ahead, create your own coordinated look and never forget to be your own desire!

Model: Ananya Parashar

Stylist : Aditi Parashar

Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 24; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist | Lux Management student in Paris Go ahead read my blog, and get ertsy with me! x

6 thoughts on “Coordinated Lass #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

  1. I love your concept of keeping it comfortable and stylish. Totally wish I could pull off overalls, but I’m afraid my butt is a bit too big 🙁 Looking forward to future posts!

    1. Thank you, Allie!
      A tip for you: Go for slightly longer over-alls, let them cover more of your legs. Maybe even all of it and your bum will actually compliment the clothing! Tell me if it worked. 🙂
      Keep reading. Xx

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