Corporate Chic #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Corporate Chic #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

A relatively new niche in fashion is the corporate fashion. When you see fashion as a weapon of empowerment, you can better understand the role of fashion in the workplace. After all, ‘we look how we feel’ sometimes also works as ‘we feel as we look’. Besides, style as a statement is international. And well, for those who like to dress up, why should work be any different.

Now corporate fashion, like the economics, is dynamic. Depending on what the specific culture of your workplace is, you have to keep it very fluid. However, some basics guidelines can surely help you create your own style. Comfort is obviously prime; clothes or shoes are the last things you want to be distracted by at work. Go for something that speaks to you on a personal level not just what is conventional.

For me, when I do dress up for work, I usually mix the chic with the corporate. I go for the basic colors like black, white, nude, or pastel pink. My makeup is usually minimalist, but I do like to make a statement by a strong eyeliner sometimes.

I’ve tried to go for the same mix in this look. The vibe is more appropriate for when you travel for work and are addressing a gathering, or want to have a special day, or maybe even for a cocktail at work. The idea is to be chic while you confidently ace the work game.

The look:


Black skirt

Black 3/4 sleeve blouse

Pastel pink cape blazer

Knee high black boots

Black sling bag

Hair and Makeup:

Glam creative wings eyeliner

Brown eye shadow

Light bb cream

Face powder

Red lipstick

Cape blazer formal style Styling Cape Blazer Corporate Chic fashion Corporate Chic #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek Cape Blazer Style

Cape blazer style


Viola! That was my take on corporate fashion with the corporate chic look. Perfect for a cocktail at work or a special day, too. Do let me know what you think about it in comments below.


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Aditi Parashar
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