Damsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Damsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

For an ertsy week forward I decided to create this week’s look with something I haven’t tried on myself before – Denim. Last week, we learned how to counter the self-esteem dilemma and to be self-reliant. Which is why, now distress is passé, which is why this damsel now wears Denim to take on the world all by herself. With this week’s look, I have a new and pastel take on the denim with inspirations from the Paris summer.

The idea is to create something beautiful out of something not so unique in terms of fashion trends. And in order to achieve that, I obviously mixed some ertsy features of simplicity, minimalism, comfort, confidence.

A sneak-peak into Denim’s history…

Jeans are pants made from denim or dungaree cloth. They were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873 and a worn still but in a different context. Jeans are named after the city of Genoa in Italy, a place where cotton corduroy, called either jean or jeane, was manufactured.

The word ‘denim’ came from the name of a French material, serge de Nimes: serge (a kind of material) from Nimes (a town in France). At first, jean cloth was made from a mixture of things. However, in the eighteenth century as trade, slave labor, and cotton plantations increased, jean cloth was made completely from cotton. Workers wore it because the material was very strong and it did not wear out easily. It was usually dyed with indigo, a dye taken from plants in the Americas and India, which made jean cloth a dark blue color. (Source: https://newint.org)

Who knew denim is as Italian as all those sleek cut clothes you wear. And as a first time thing, it was fun to experiment with. To the fashion favorite clothing, I added a very minimalist Parisian look and curated a merger of the American and European fashion.


The Damsel in Denim Look:


Denim Jacket

Pastel Pink Frilly Dress

Denim Mocassins

Black Detail Choker Necklace

Hair and Makeup-

Light BB-cream

Mascara and light in eye- eyeliner

Orange-red shade of lipstick


Damsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Damsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Damsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Damsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeekDamsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeekDamsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeekDamsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeekDamsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeekDamsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

So, that was about this week’s ertsy look of the week. Do tell me how you liked it in comments below and I’ll be here with another article on some life, travel or fashion hacks. Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire.

Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 24; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist | Lux Management student in Paris Go ahead read my blog, and get ertsy with me! x

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