DIY: Creating a Vision Board!

Creating a Vision Board!

As a big believer in the power of manifestation, I have always used vision lists and boards to accelerate my growth. However, it started because of my battle with anxiety that I was suggested by an expert to create a vision board in order to ease my brain from processing all that inside and actually put it out. Vision boards, in general, can be a great source of personal satisfaction. While they are also a mind-calming exercise, a constructive mechanism to sift through your priorities and goals, and a great bonding experience if you involve someone else.

The reason why I decided to share my vision board for this year lies in the importance this year holds for me. I know it is only January, but I already have some crazy dreams-come-true things happening in my life. This has gotten me overwhelmed, scared, and hopeful, all at once. So, yes, the primary reason was that I wanted to calm myself but the next top reason was to be able to share this growth with all of my blog fams!

Now that we have a basic idea of what a vision board is as well as why and how to benefit from it, let’s get started

What all you need:

– Some beautiful but old Magazines
– Cardboard, chart paper, or you can also stick your inspirations directly to a wall
– Craft supplies like Scissors, colorful tapes, highlighters, pens, etcCreating a Vision Board!.

An amazing way to manifest your vision is by personalizing your vision board as much as possible. For this, I’m also considering digital monogram designs. Actually, it wasn’t a part of my original design plan but I recently came across which is a great resource to use for lots of different projects like this one.

Where to begin:

– Write down a list of things you want to achieve in 2018 or even by early 2019.
– Add abstract and specific things all at once.
– Remember to give a date/ month by which you want to achieve something (this accelerates the process).
– Start by things that just come on the top of your head and then rack your brain a little to not miss out anything.
– Remember to add personal growth goals like – reading books (give a number), learning new things (specify), travel to so and so place, etc.

The Craft Work:

– Gather your magazines and sift through pages that make you feel something relatable to your goals.
– You don’t have to be strict about this; for example, if you want to travel to 5 new cities this year, you can have some abstract views, picture from an airport, or even a stylish travel bag to denote that.
– Go for the ‘FEELING’ when curating the images. They are just for your sensibilities and not to be explained to others so don’t worry about judgments.
– You can also cut out words or letters to create positive words that you resonate with.

Creating a Vision Board!

Once you’re done with this, you can stick it all together in a beautiful collage… and Voila!

Remember to keep/hang your vision board in your direct vision; keep it somewhere you see every day. Now that you have a beautiful vision board and a list of your priorities and goals, work in full throttle to achieve them.
Feel free to add a goal or two in the middle of the year when you want to notch up your goals. It doesn’t hurt to get a little more than you initially planned for, anyway!

My vision board looks like this:

Creating a Vision Board!
Tell me your thoughts about this in comments below and share with me if you want to see or have any more such ideas.
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