DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress #ErtsyLookOfTheWEEK

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

Hey Lovelies! As I spent last week in India with my family, I styled my younger sister, Ananya, for an ERTSY look of the week. The special thing about this look is that while coming with it, we joined our heads together to create a DIY dress and eventually it became a DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress. The composition is fairly easy, we picked up some beautiful clothing pieces and belted them together (literally).

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

The Look:

A dirty nude pink mid/below knee length skirt

A black tank top

An black and red embroidered clasp-able/zip-able shrug

A navy blue cloth belt and a Big Choker necklace to bundle it.

Stockings and suitable black boots

Some DIY Spirit! 😀


The Hair & Make-up:

Light turquoise in eye make-up

Red Mat Lip Color

Twisted part hair pony in wavy hair


The DIY:


  1. Start with the skirt over the tank top and pull it all the way up.

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

2. Use a slightly over-sized embroidered Jacket/shrug in the matching colour scheme. We’ve used red and black here. Make sure that it is in sturdy fabric and is clasp-able/zip-able to create the pre-plum look.

BTW, I cut this out from another dress I had, so you could always do that, too.

DIY Pre-plum Elegant DressDIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

3. Use a cloth belt, complementary to the colour scheme and tie it a little on the upper side of your waist over the jacket/shrug.

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

4. Belt it and then adjust your shrug/jacket from the belt to create the pre-plum frame.

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress


5. Use a big Choker Necklace to bind the look, top the light make-up and your DIY elegant look is set!

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress


6. Don’t forget the twisted part hair pony for an accented look.

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress


Now that you are set, you can sport this look at a high-end event or a fancy day out while travelling. And, just so you know, this DIY is highly comfortable and easy to pull-off in every sense of the world. Just be vary of the colour-scheme you settle on and everything else shall fall right in place.

Oh, and our model too, had tons of fun with it!

DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress DIY Pre-plum Elegant Dress


At Ertsy, the concept is to always create something unique, quirky while keeping it classy and comfortable. That is exactly what we did with this DIY too. Do let us know how you like it in comments below.

Till then, Stay ERTSY and be your own desire! xx

Aditi Parashar
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  1. Woah! That was a wonderful DIY! After looking at it, I got so many ideas of revamp so many old shirts of mine.

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