DIY Valentine’s day at home celebration

DIY Valentine's day at home celebration

Against all of our hopes & wishes, the world still isn’t back to ‘normal’ as we knew it before the November of 2019. That literally translates to the fact that te life has been and will remain at a stand-still for a while to come. However, this doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop. In fact, in these times, finding any moment to celebrate with someone you love or just by yourself is basically self-care. Since the next moment in the calendar to find that moment is Valentine’s day, I decided to write this blog with DIY Valentine’s day at home celebration ideas.

So, before we move forward, a quick shoutout to SHEIN for helping pick out my DIY Valentine’s day at home celebration decor items as well as the dress.

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DIY Valentine’s day at home celebration

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1. 37pcs Birthday party balloon set

A celebration is incomplete without set-up, and so I started with this grand all-bling decor set to set the mood. The fringe curtain was super easy to set up & I used a balloon pump to fill the balloons.

2. 21pcs Love shaped balloon set

To add some color, I used two kinds of decor sets and created some variety. Honestly, the sets had so many items, I could easily retain some of them for my next at-home celebration.

DIY Valentine's day at home celebration

DIY Valentine's day at home celebration


3. LED light set

You can also add lights to your set-up with this LED light set from Shein.



Once the decor was finalized, I decided to have two outfits, one for a mid-week brunch and one for Valentine’s day dinner.

1. Pink flounce hem dress

Pink is the perfect color for a day out and so I decided to wear that for the mid-week celebrations to come. This flounce dress also made the cut for its romantic vibe and relaxed fit. I mean, if you have to stay at home, why not make it comfortable!


DIY Valentine's day at home celebrationDIY Valentine's day at home celebration

2. Belted glitter cami dress

For the dinner outfit, a black dress was a no-brainer. This cami black dress with glitter detail made me instantly fall in love. To make it chic, I layered it with a purple see-through blouse and a chain-detail gold & black belt.

DIY Valentine's day at home celebration DIY Valentine's day at home celebration


And well, that’s all! So, what’s your Valentine’s day/ week looking like? Does this give you any ideas you’d use? Are you planning to celebrate something else soon? Let me know it all in the comments below!!


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