Dressy Vibes #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Dressy Vibes #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Taking forward the ‘Travel in Style‘ mission of ERTSY, I spent the last weekend in Munich, Germany. While the place was fairly goth, I was able to create some dressy vibes while there. This was mostly because it has been cold for too long in this part of the world and I have just started missing colours. The other reason has to be my collaboration with a brand- Samshek, that is all about customising your clothing experience – ONLINE.

Simply put, Samshek is like your personal tailor, only, it is on the internet and thus, highly convenient.

Further, to not let the cold winds ruin my Dressy Vibes, I wore a dress-style trench coat and my favourite Burberry scarf. The fact that the look turned out so well despite the risk put into its making has got me thrilled. Moreover, I was in between flights, on layover for a day, when I decided to go explore the city, and shoot this look. That is the essence of Travel in style, after all, and always exciting.

The reason I decided to go with the dressy vibes is because sometimes, the beauty of the street & travel dressing is in its sheer comfort. Yet, the best ones are those that are seamlessly dressy while being all that. It is always about creating more with simplicity. Also, after the heavily loaded look last time in the essence of valentines, followed by the elegant DIY pre-plum with my sister, it was only fair to alternate this dressy vibe with the boho style.

The look:

A light-blue off shoulder dress customised from Samshek

A Dressy Coat in navy Blue

A blend choker necklace

Stockings and casual boots

A Burberry Scarf to finish the look

Dressy Vibes #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Dressy Vibes #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek



You too can create a look like this with love and ease on Samshek for your next style travel adventure. Don’t forget to use simple Ertsy Style Hacks while creating them, though. Further, stay tuned for another blog schedule for later this week where I discuss the process of creating your dress on Samshek in detail. *wink*


Till then, be your own desire and stay ertsy! xx


Aditi Parashar
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