Dynamic Denim Duo! #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Dynamic Denim Duo! #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hola, fashion addicts! I’m overwhelmed by each weeks shooting response, thank you so much for all of your love and support. To keep up the awesomeness and ertsy-ness of all of you and all of me, for this week’s ErtsyLookOfTheWeek I’ve spun a unique concept of a brother-sister duo in their most unique, rugged and carefree style! To top it all up, we’ve weaved this theme with the seasons’ most amazing casual fabric – Denims! The key to any great like, as I’ve said time and again, is made up of confidence, calm and a big badass smile. And, that’s exactly this bro-sis duo has sported here, too. You too can create a look like this and unravel your inner confidence with style.

Without further a-do, here’s your share of this awesome look with a touch of the brotherly and sisterly nuances.

The look:

Composed of denim basics, cool aviator shades and some rough edges here and there with folded cuffs and jeans.


Pair it up with sassy brown/tan shoes and complete the finesse of your look.


To enhance the appeal of the whole look, we emphasised on its ruggedness. And you will be actually surprised by how the very look can be so classy and rough at the same time!





The look obviously isn’t complete without the given brother-sister duo’s mischievous bonding and love put together in just the right style!

IMG_20160412_215111-001 IMG_20160412_215410-001 IMG_20160412_220216-001


While I shot these amazing people for this look, I couldn’t help but realise how better can comfort make you look. Hence, proved! Comfort is Prime and with it comes Confidence and then follows the Style, Sass and Smiles! 🙂

IMG_20160412_215445-001 IMG_20160412_214949-001



So, go ahead and create your own dynamic denim look today & keep the love coming! Also, do not forget to check out the model, Yogesh Parashar’s blog – parasharzboy.com for more movies, fitness tips and all awesomeness.



Models: Ananya Parashar & Yogesh Parashar

(Many Thanks.. xx)

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