ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review

4 Days Ibiza itinerary: relaxed Travel with culture & views

Now that things are slowly opening back up in the EU, I took a short trip to Ibiza from Paris. I wanted to have a luxurious, relaxed experience so I chose to stay at Hotel Torre Del Mar for my trip. What drew me in was their description: Named after the stone tower in the center of its swimming pool, the Hotel Torre Del Mar is a superior class hotel in every way. Just a 100-meter walk to the Playa Den Bossa Beach and two kilometers to Ibiza, all the best shopping, bars, restaurants, and nightspots are never far away. A variety of rooms ensures that families, couples, and singles are luxuriously catered for. So, here’s a detailed Hotel Torre Del Mar review from me assessing how it faired on its promises.

ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review

The First Impressions

I checked into the hotel at around 11 am, even though it was before their usual check-in time, they were very accommodating. The staff was friendly and didn’t shy away from giving us some vital first-timer tips. They even helped us locate a nearby bike-rental place (5 minutes walk) to help us move around the island with ease.

ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review

The vibe was instantly relaxing and you could see the beach from the check-in desk- I mean if that doesn’t put you in vacation mode, Idk what would!

The Room

ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review

We booked the sea view room got the one right at the corner with a beautiful panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the pool area from our balcony. The room was a good 30m2 with enough storage space, a super comfortable bed, and a spacious bathroom.

The room service was 24*7 with limited but pretty good. Plus you could also get food delivered from a food delivery app (eg-justeat) straight to your room.


All elements apart, the view was definitely a winner for me and thus the highlight of my Hotel Torre Del Mar review.


ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review

I started my stay with an outdoor massage along the beachside. I mean, I have to be a bit partial after that but I’ll try to be as objective as I can… (JK)

Hospitality is all about the little things and Hotel Torre Del Mar knew how to deliver on that well. We were greeted with a Spa tote bag. This functional jute bag itself was the perfect add-on to our beach trips because it could house all of our beach essentials. In the bag, we had flip-flops, a spa basket, some high quality, vegan toiletries essentials, scrub, loofah, and a wooden roller, too. I was instantly pleased by these functional add-ons.

Moreover, this gesture instantly spoke to the luxury space I was in. This is why the experience will accentuate my Hotel Torre Del Mar review.

4 Days Ibiza itinerary: relaxed Travel with culture & views

There were several dining options at the property – the breakfast & dinner restaurant and the bar. I preferred the restaurant over the bar dine-in for its vegetarian options. If I’m being super picky, I can say that the bar dine-in food & service could have been improved a little.

The champagne bottle in the room, however, took away any complaints I may have had about the food!

ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review


In 2021, one of my biggest considerations was safety while traveling. Beyond the masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer in every corner, the hotel was also mindful of not concentrating many people in the same space at the same time.

There was a possibility to take a Covid-19 test at the property for your return flight (result in 24hours).


Final Word

ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review

Hotel Torre Del Mar delivered positively across all parameters of hospitality & convenience. The little add-on details like their Spa tote bag & basket, outdoor massage, & the Spa itself elevated the experiences instantly.

There was also a possibility to get my Covid test done on the site ahead of my return flight (result in 24hours) and if that isn’t convenient in 2021, I don’t know what is.

So, overall, I give Hotel Torre Del Mar 4.5/5*.

That 0.5* goes off just because bar restaurant food could’ve been a bit better, especially for the price.

ERTSY CHIC LUXESCAPES: Hotel Torre Del Mar review

FYI: This review is 100% honest and is in no way sponsored by Hotel Torre Del Mar or its stakeholders.

Interested? I recommend booking through their own website to benefit from the best offers & add-on packages! BOOK HERE

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