Flare Fusion #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Flare Fusion #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

As someone who writes about style, fashion and lifestyle, and someone who believes in the art and flare of style and discovering style by traveling, I always believe that every person in this world is born with an inherent style, you just need to find the right fusion to unleash it. When I style myself, the only think I can think of is the fact that ‘I don’t do Fashion, I am Fashion!'((Coco Chanel)) I believe in fashion and live with it like I’m supposed to and which is how I’ve learned how to love and believe in myself.

Flare Fusion is that ErtsyLookOfTheWeek that makes you unleash yourself into the indefinite realms. I’ve created this look with the passion to merge the Indo-western in the most scintillating manner. From the extensive yet subtle eye make-up to lace-tie-ups, the little elements in this look are what makes this look. But, the highlight has to be the perfect location and the weather that we shot the look in, for that inspired me beyond bounds towards my passion!

The look:

I’ve started with a Basic Black Top with some snazzy sleeves and a Pink Indian Ethnic Long Skirt. I’ve added a designer bag and some designer sun-glasses to it for the edgy feels.



I enhanced these feels with some classy tie-ups, which were later in my hands for aesthetic reasons. 😛



And edgy eye make-up, of course. Eyes are, after all, the window to your soul. *WINK*



This is on a gold-pallet sealed with a turquoise eye-liner! And, my brunette curls let down as usual!


Now, you see, the look is pretty basic on paper, but here comes the importance of dressing for the occasion and location! The beautiful surroundings and the weather were an absolute delight for the colours and dress I styled. Which is why I always say that as much as your fashion quotient matters when you dress-up, your well-informed choice is largely dependant on your aesthetic sense.



I loved the shots and the feels so much that with each passing moment in the moment, I could truly enjoy and love myself!


So, this look was truly about loving myself and rediscovering everything that I stood for with my inner spirits. It was only possible once I was confident with my style and comfort that accompanied.


You, too, can enjoy yourself in the truest form with comfort and the right style for the right occasion and at Ertsy, that’s exactly what we aim to do for you!

So, with another wisdom bit, I sign off! Stay Ertsy!



Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 26; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist |

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  1. Hey girl!!1 i must say Im so involve with that skirt! i mean the color!! plus you are so right or at least i absolutely think when people travel you get to see the bit of pieces in there wardrobe and is the best!!

    Loves from Sun & http://likesocharming.com

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