Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

If you know me just a little bit or have read my blog, you know that I feel at home with Bohemian clothing. In fact, it is the aesthetic that I do an outfit post on the most. Another aesthetic that I truly cherish is the pastel. Especially for this season when it is trendy and the sun makes it all peak. Which is everything I brought together to create this super boho ‘Flower Child’ look for this week’s ‘Ertsy look of the week’.

The look was shot as I traveled in style in the ‘old town’ part of the beautiful city of Geneva. That’s what makes it look so fitting in the European street style. I have also chosen some colors but with subtlety to keep it very street style luxe.

The values on which ertsy is based are all about freedom and expression with style and travel. I believe that for me, boho fashion exactly translates to that. Moreover, since I preach all about Style in Confidence and Comfort, I find myself looking the chicest in my boho outfits. If Boho or any other style works for you, in the same way, you know how you can never get tired of it.

The more important part is to keep reinventing and recreating it and be a better version of yourself.


The Flower Child Look:

A very Boho Outfit:

Multi-layered, long, asymmetric and detailed cream white skirt

Boat Neck, puffed sleeves crop blouse with pastel and floral patterns

A detail choker necklace and elegant drop down gold earrings

Tie-up wedges

Almost Au Natural Hair and makeup with just a hint of eye-liner.


Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Flower Child #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek



So, that was this week’s outfit inspiration post. You can read more about my first ever hiking adventure on Mont Saleve, too. Stay tuned to read more about my travel in style anecdotes and hacks, here. Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire. x

Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 26; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist |

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