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Hello pretty people! Welcome back to your newest, loveliest, most refreshing Fashion blog. And for those visiting the first time, get ready to be dazed, dazzled and addicted to us!

So, thank you for your continued love and support to our weekly venture – #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek! Your best wishes have continued to motivate us to do better and digress our domains. For this week it is the ‘Great Indian Wedding Look’.

Weddings in India are an elaborate affair. While most cultures in country believe in a wedding that lasts for at least week, some grandeurs and celebrations last for even about a month! For those who wonder what an Indian Wedding is like, just imagine a crazy party . There’s tons of dance, music, drama and inevitable action! And if you’re don’t that it is hooking enough, there’s amazing FOOD!

At the onset of the Great Indian Wedding Season here is an amazing ensemble from the closet of Ertsy! You too can find this look and more from the house of CraftsVilla.

The Look:

An amazing lehenga-choli with some light make-up, a set of pearls, matching white bangles and your naturally falling hair is what this look is made up of.


ProTip: Keep your like clean, sassy and classy! For a Summer Wedding in India, it is always a smart choice to keep your make-up low and let your clothes be the all the statement you want to make!




ProTip: Don’t forget to enhance your look with some sass and for the best pictures from this maddening wedding, make the best use of the venue’s lighting!


The most important part of your styled look – the dress – should be detailed and create the ‘wow’ factor!

IMG_20160502_130841-001 IMG_20160502_130722-001

The finesse of the dress is defined by how you drape it. At ertsy, we always go for the minimalist outfit. This lehenga-choli is particularly plain but the Chunni or the drape is what actually makes up for its USP! The embroidery, the touch and feel and the material of the cloth is completely amazing.



While the look is so classy, it is so comfortable that you’ll always be the life of the wedding party!




Now go ahead and create your own wedding look and don’t forget to be your own desire!


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