Grown up’s guide to Glittery Fashion

Grown up's guide to Glittery Fashion

If you’ve missed out on it (read: idk what rock are you living under), glitters and sequins are the biggest obsession of the latest style trends for about 2 seasons now. Two fashion cycles for me are enough to say that they’re here to stay. Irrespective of the longitivety though, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m going through a major glitter phase at the moment and I regret nothing. However, styling glittery fashion as a grown-up can be tricky, so I decided to put together a guide so that you can do that without looking tacky.


How did it come into being?

If you’re wondering how did this glittery trend even go mainstream? Is it the Disco era fad, an imposed edginess, or just a vile industry imposed scam… well, it is the mighty Alessandro Michele, the creative directive of Gucci and arguably the biggest driver of fashion trends in the recent past. Besides adding the oomph that it does, in the era of fashion consumption through social media, Michele has been able to find something that, irrespective of how simply put, will always stand out. So, he literally put it in everything, loungewear, socks, T-shirts….

Grown up's guide to Glittery Fashion

Where can you start?

Before styling the glittery fashion, it’s important to understand what it is. Rather obviously, it’s everything that sparkles but more distinctly sequins and glitters. While your makeup, belts, shoes, & accessories can have more of glitter, the clothes and jewelry are usually the ones with sequins. Which means that even if you don’t want to take this trend heads on, you can start with the accessories, too. For example, my break into this trend was through glitter belts and now I have sequins choker with a body chain!!

Grown up's guide to Glittery Fashion

Levels of Glittery Fashion:

So, there are three levels which have been identified by me, which also happen to be the ways of styling the glitter pieces by the way (yeah, I’m so amazing).


The Accents

Use small accessories on dark colored dresses or wear dark metallics with a matching piece once you’ve done breaking into the trend. While the glitter is a part of your outfit, it is not necessarily the highlight of it.

Use it to accentuate your body by putting light emphasis on your best areas. Stay away from mismatched outfits or lighter colors because that’s just putting a spotlight on your mistake.


Grown up's guide to Glittery Fashion

The Classy Way

You’re still wearing the glitter for the evening or the night, but you have full glitter in gold or something more shimmery.

Use a higher neckline to keep it classy. You can also take a shimmer jacket/coat on a statement dress/skirt-blouse. Be sure not to go overboard with the sparkles. You can a maximum of two pieces with glitter, usually a piece of clothing and heels. If the occasion is really extravagant, tassel earrings with the glitter accent may also not be a bad idea. But, be cautious, you really don’t want to overdo the glitter and make it tacky from classy.


The Day Out

You’re now ready and comfortable enough to wear your glitter clothing out in the broad daylight.

Stick only & absolutely to one piece with the sparkles but go shamelessly all out on it. Like, I chose a multicolored sequin jacket for myself. Use a neutral pallet of clothes underneath all that glam. You want the standout piece to be the center of attention, so don’t divulge with an over the top makeup. Of course, you can do that for a day party but I’m talking here about the streets.

Grown up's guide to Glittery Fashion


Most important of all, when taking on the glittery fashion trends, invest and don’t go for the ‘cheap’ pieces, at least not obviously. That’s also like putting a spotlight on your lack of finesse.


So, embrace the glitter and rise above the mundane till you’re brought into the realms of dreams & panache. No, seriously, don’t fight the fashion, make it your own.

If you’re still not sold on the glitter trend, well, sucks to be you. If you are and have more ideas and ways to style them like a frekin’ grown up and outshine all the peasants, do share them in comments below.

Grown up's guide to Glittery Fashion

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For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep sparkling! xli

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