Holiday Hipster #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Holiday Hipster #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

With this new year, we, at Ertsy have fixed our vision and have committed ourselves to #TravelInStyle. Now Ertsy, has always been about comfort fashion and travel life. However, now we have combined them both together to get on with our new vision. The drill is simple, we give you share about a new culture &/or place with you, each week, the comfort fashion that suits the theme and everything in between. Like we did in Moda Gothica. (Honestly, I’m excited af!) and now with the Holiday Hipster.

So, the culture we’re going to explore this week is the Hipster culture without #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek – Holiday Hipster!

What was coined as a new vocabulary to describe aficionados of the growing scene in 1940s, the Hipster became an emerging and remerging trend in the time that went by. Today, it is in essence a representation of the modern-day hippie in one too many ways. Whether it is the free-spirited behaviour, the off-beat choices or the adaptability to the current surrounds, the Hipster is very Millennial a way of life in all its facets.

While there are certain controversies around its representation as well as perception by the masses, the Hipster is one trend, that has stayed the longest in the contemporary times and well, it sure gives birth to interesting fashion combinations. And, more importantly, it makes the nerd, the geek and the mysterious appealing and sexy, all at one place.

Ertsy’s Holiday Hipster, too, is off-beat and unique in itself. The look is an epitome of interesting style choices. It has been shot in the streets of Barcelona which embraces the likes of such sub-cultures with open-arms, always. To be honest, we’re actually appalled and pleased by how Barcelona, while keeping its original culture intact, homes so many other growing sub-cultures. Does teach you a thing or two about harmony in diversity!

For our look too, thus, we are completely open-minded. We styled this man in the best of Hipster Fashion, in the most Ertsy way.

The Look:

So, the theme is blue and grey to match the dark and mysterious set-up of the Spanish city. The look has a beautiful traditional trench coat, a grey infinity scarf, a matching grey beanie cap and everything a holiday hipster needs. It further sports a handsome man with a scruff and a very raw look. The look is best suited if kept minimal. Hence, the styling in minimal, effective and has given some great results that the Ertsy Stylists as well as the model have liked. We’ve added a plain umbrella and a classy but handy camera bag to compliment the look.



If you too have enjoyed knowing about the Hipster culture and the styling, do tell us in comments below. You can also tell us about which other cultures you wish to know about.

Till then, stay Ertsy and be your own desire! xx

Oh and, Happy New Year!



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Special Thanks to Shashwat Tripathi for being a total sweetheart for agreeing for the shoot and being an amazing model!

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