AW 2019: How do you even wear all that Autumn 2019 Green?

AW 2019: How do you even wear all that Autumn 2019 Green?

While green has always been an autumn color more than for any other season, 2019 saw a reinvention for green. Conventionally, summer is reserved for colors and Autumn calls back the nudes. This time, however, there’s been a lot more than usual color splashes. With mostly shades of bold reds and even orange, some lavender here and there, shades of green were unexpected and rather refreshing. But it’s still green and hence tricky to wear. So, let’s try to break down – How do we even wear all that Autumn 2019 Green?


I’ll take you through an introduction/induction into the shades of green this season, styling tips, as well as my own interpretation of the same. Big shoutout to my partner site Shein for providing the key piece for this article and helping make these in-depth articles possible.


Autumn 2019 Green Shades

First things first, let’s understand the shades of green that fit the AW’19 color chart. Autumn is generally for the warmer shades this time. The colors are loud but still high in saturation. Forest Biome & it’s warmer cousin- Eden are perfect examples of this deep, rich shade. Then there’re are Chartreuse, Green Olive, Antique Moss, and Guacamole- the little lighter yet muted shades, perfect for autumn.


There’s also a pastel-ish version of green, called the ‘pistachio green’ which also made rounds on the runway. Maybe it’s a bit too early to claim but experts have taken to it as the next ‘millennial pink’.


To sum up, this season’s color chart is hitting home with the earthy and tasteful shades of green.


My Autumn 2019 Green

The green of my choice this season is Eden. This deeper, warmer than Forest Biome shade of green in neutral and is described as ‘meditative’ by the Pantone Color Institute. I saw it first at the Gucci runway, where it really caught my eye. However, it was a big deal at Dior & Valentino, too. I think the interpretations varied per the style of these houses but seeing this common shade really inspired me.


I chose an oversized, double-breasted blazer from my partner site Shein in this shade as my key piece to personalize it.

AW 2019: How do you even wear all that Autumn 2019 Green?

In my interpretation, I wore this blazer as a dress (originally a part of a set with a skirt) coupled with over the knee black boots (faux leather) and a brown monogram print scarf. I complimented it with a black bag with some gold.

You can also go for statement luxe footwear like the faux fur mules (aren’t they Gucci look-alikes?).

AW 2019: How do you even wear all that Autumn 2019 Green?

I think I loved the fact that this piece was loud and outstanding in itself and given the trend, I could still stylize it for the street. While I won’t wear it without occasion, it’s definitely a trendy pick.

Styling your Autumn 2019 Green

Step 1: Choose your green

Whether you want to replicate the Dior aesthetic with a hint of your favorite green or go all green like Gucci, the starting point will be choosing your preferred shade. Personally, all shades of green look great on all kinds of skin and body-types. So, it’s really just your preference.


Step 2: Settle on the outfit

Once you have your shade in mind, construct an outfit that is true to the shade. You can go for a single piece and style it with an orchard or maroon. Or, like me, with black or go all green like Gucci. I recommend against mixing two shades of green, however, it can be done.  

AW 2019: How do you even wear all that Autumn 2019 Green?

Obviously, keep looking at the influencers and fashionistas to stay inspired and get more ideas on your outfit.

Step 3: Drop it like its hot

Once you’ve decided on the outfit, add the details with accessories to make your outfit come together. Remember to be loud through and through because that’s really what green aesthetic this season is about.


Voila! That’s basically how you wear all that Autumn 2019 Green! If you have more ideas and experiences with this season’s green, please do share them in the comments below.

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