Is Instagram Aspirational Content Marketing Rejuvenating the Fashion Industry?

Instagram Aspirational Content Marketing Afina London

As a luxury/fashion industry professional, I love how the most unexpected products become the key drivers of the market and revenue. In fact, recently Rihanna starting her full-blown luxury fashion brand with LVMH (after the success of her beauty brand) intrigued me further. You see, a celebrity collaborating with an industry leader to create a brand is no news (cue: basically anyone famous enough), but what makes Rihanna’s brand different is her commitment to diversity & leveraging power on social media.

More specifically, how Rihanna uses Instagram as a woke person with exceptional Instagram aspirational content to sell her brand and because she has a ‘love’ & ‘diverse’ image, people actually want to buy her products!

This really prompted me to look into how other brands are leveraging on Instagram & I found something super interesting – Swimwear. Yes! Luxury Swimwear is thriving, probably thanks to its new direction of fashion aspiration content on Instagram. I mean, who doesn’t like great beach shots? And when you see someone looking amazing, you immediately want to copy or at least look into their style source. Hence the rising sales of these swimwear products.


Don’ believe me? Here’re some statistics for you.

  • Revenue in the Swimwear segment amounts to US$5,025m in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.2% (CAGR 2019-2023).

  • In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$3,776m in 2019).

  • In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$6.64 are generated in 2019.


So when I spent my last week in Portugal, holidaying on the beaches. I partner with a lot of cool brands, as you know, for my trips to create awesome content. So, I was excited to do that as usual. However, unlike my usual trips and blogging partnerships, I decided to do things a little differently this time. Basically, I put my theory to test by seeking out ‘inspirational images’ for my trip and testing how many of my ‘saved posts’ are actually sponsored luxury swimwear content and what all would I actually buy. I stumbled upon a lot of ‘aspirational content’ & an easy majority of that was the swimwear content. Enough to convince me of my theory (or maybe it was only because I was looking to validate it).

Instagram Aspirational Content Marketing Afina London

I especially loved this brand Afina London that showcased luxury swimwear. They have trendy luxury swimwear made in London, bridal swimwear, include a diversity of sizes, & models, and showcase HQ content that will give beach cravings to literally anyone. Moreover, their new but 13K+ strong Instagram account has more ‘lifestyle’ content than the promotional one. Which means, that they act as an influencer account rather than that of a traditional brand. I have seen these overlaps in other such brand accounts, as well. Since Afina London is a relatively newer brand, my interest was piqued by their ‘formulated & packaged’ Instagram success.

Instagram Aspirational Content Marketing Afina London

So, I reached out to them, to understand more about their strategy. What I found out was not surprising. The brand told me about three things they focus on:

  • Their ‘beach life’ content: Inspiration rather than blatant promotion

  • Who they collaborate with: Celebrities & influencers who translate their vibe irrespective of the numbers

  • International & Diverse representation: While not as visible on their Instagram account at the moment, this was also something they’re consciously trying to build upon.

Simply everything that falls in line with your run of the mill Instagram aspirational content narrative. You definitely want to follow an account that shares inspiration rather than promotion, talks about inclusivity, & is somewhat true to their narrative & ‘authentic’.

In conclusion, it’s obvious that Instagram has been actively rewriting the rules of the fashion industry. Truly, it is vast, has space for all kinds of people and the voice it gives to all will influence the shift of markets for years to come. An industry like swimwear or this specific brand I mention here is just an example of how drastically these changes have been adopted by and impacted the brands.

What do you think about this theory about Instagram Aspirational Content Marketing Rejuvenating the Fashion Industry? Do you think you’ll prefer an Instagram based ‘inspiration account’ like that to be your brand of choice? Could you think of any other brands when I talk about Afina London’s example? Share them in the comments below.

Also, if you liked this small article with me sharing my opinion on the Luxury/ fashion business, let me know so I can be motivated to share more.


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