“It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters”- Understanding Travel Lifestyle with ‘The Remote Life’

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Many times in life you stumble upon certain things and ideas in life that completely change your outlook towards it. This is exactly what I felt upon coming across – The Remote Life. Before you wonder, this company is a game-changer in the travel industry. Not only is it unique but it also is very well-thought of. And when I realised this, I just had to get into a conversation with the brain behind and understand what goes into getting an idea like such. After all, at Ertsy, experience travel is all we seek out!

Here’s the transcript of the interview:
Ertsy: What has been your biggest inspiration in life?

Nishchal Dua: Family. Often we end up looking outside for inspiration and make celebrities our role models when we should be looking inwards. My parents have struggled and faced problems I can’t dream of facing today and they have evolved from those situations to become better people by following a simple rule. Be a better person tomorrow. Improve a bit everyday. And before you know it, all those improvements will compound to create something good.

Ertsy: What drove you to creating something so unique? Tell us more about it.

ND: Pursuit of happiness. All of us are looking for a happy and fulfilling life but very few are actually pursuing it. I wanted to build a lifestyle for myself where I earn time to do things I want to and that’s how Remote Life came into being. We are now helping people realise that they have everything they need to travel & experience things they always wanted to, only if they are willing to step out of their comfort zone and take their first step with us.

Ertsy: Since you’re working in the experience travel sector, do you think is the biggest factor that acts as the engagement driver for an experience traveller?

ND: People. Experiential travel is all about people. The people you travel with and the people you meet. And that is exactly what Remote Life focuses on. We make sure that the group traveling together is well balanced & diverse so it’s safe, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. We have partners in every destination to ensure that there are plenty of local meet-ups, workshops and community impact events that we are a part of. All of this adds to the experience of a traveler.

Ertsy: What do value more; life itself or the the way it is lived? Why?

ND: “It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters”

I don’t think that life in itself has any meaning or value if not for how it is lived and with whom. Most of us merely exist and survive but are never able to really live and thrive. It doesn’t matter how long or short our lives are but how packed they are with memories. Any 30 year old has been alive for nearly 11000 days. How many of those days can a person remember? How many memories and moments are worth remembering?

Ertsy: If you had to redo something in life, what would that be?

ND: I would skip college. I would spend that money and time on traveling and building real life skills. I would go for a professional mountaineering course and maybe even skydiving. I would have picked up coding & digital marketing sooner and probably failed a lot more a lot sooner 🙂

6. Any tips or suggestions for travellers or aspiring youngsters working towards creating something in the same space?

First thing you should do is find people who would pay for what you are building, and then make them pay. Until you can make someone buy your product or service, you don’t have a business and most of end up spending valuable time and bootstrapping funds on things people might not want. It doesn’t matter how much people like it unless they pay for it.

Team remote life

About Remote Life:

The Remote Life is a program which was launched on 5th December, 2016. It brings together Professionals, freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs to work, live and travel. It aims to get more & more people out of their cubicles and into the real world. Work should not come in the way of travel. Remote Life is a step in making sure that nothing comes between you and your independence to see the world.


Founder: Nishchal Dua

Over the last few years, Nishchal Dua has built 2 companies and traveled 7 countries in a row. His mission is to help people in changing their work lifestyle.
A few months back, he was at the Mt. Everest Base Camp and real inspiration for Remote Life came from there. In addition to it, he is a serial entrepreneur, frequent traveler & trekking freak. With The Remote Life, he is aiming for a diverse, balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions. Everyone is verified through public social profiles and the founder himself make sure to personally call up before finalizing the participants

I’m thoroughly inspired, are you?

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