Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

First blog of 2019, and what a better way than to start with a fashion challenge. In my last shopping haul, in collaboration, with FemmeLuxe, I talked about fitted clothes made me feel conscious and empowered, all at once. A piece that stood out for most of you and me was a simple but elegant knit dress. It hugged my curves in the right places while being a practical pick for this loathsome winter season. Hence, to celebrate the success of my last shopping haul from FemmeLuxe, I did another one with them. This time, going deep into their Knitwear Casual Category.


All the pieces that I picked make for a perfect casual chic or semi-formal wear. I think the choice was highly inspired by a recent shift in my life from being a student to actually going to work. Well, I’m a workaholic so the choice of my work outfits are always about comfort, and since I work in the luxury industry, they have to reek of classy vibes. If that’s something you relate with, you’ll be able to find happiness in these pieces from my partner brand as much as I did.


Knitwear Casual Picks:

1. Pink Knit Block Colour Jumper Dress

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

Available in 2 more colors, this jumper dress is perfect for a day you wanna look laid back but warm on. Well, it’s definitely going to be my pick for this week. It’s one of the coldest weeks in Paris this year, after all.

2. Mustard High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

Available in 5 colors, this dress looks great all by itself and when layered underneath a jacket. You can also style it with long boots and a scarf for a little oomph on a day out. If you’re wondering, I was definitely the most insecure of wearing this dress because it hugged me a little too much exposing all that belly on me. However, I did grow to like it irrespective because how great it looked overall.

3. Grey Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

An unconventional choice for workwear, this jumper looks like a 100 bucks with a formal skirt. Especially one curvy girl because it’s relaxed but pretty hot at the same time. Plus it’s oh-so-comfortable!


Bonus Outfit:

Black With White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set – Shani

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

(that’s obviously not me in the picture, but just clarifying)

I got this outfit to further my workout endeavors. Well, not only is it comfortable, it’s super functional, too. Well, all that figure-hugging knit did make me conscious enough to keep working out regularly for now. If it fails though, this outfit will always make an amazing airport look, too!


So, overall, I’m embracing the FemmeLuxe lifestyle these days and I do recommend it to anyone looking to up their chic quotient. I especially dig feeling comfortable in the size UK12/14 as opposed to my (old) usual of Size UK16. I do think I’ll be updating my entire wardrobe in my ‘new’ sizes, soon. Go check out these outfits and more on FemmeLuxe right away! They have a sale going on right now and also give a year-round discount for students!


Tell me what your thoughts are on these knitwear casual outfits and if you’ve tried some FemmeLuxe outfits yourself! The comments below await you. Meanwhile, I’ll be working more closely with them in the future to create such awesome outfits, reviews, shopping hauls and more.


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, stay fashionable and keep experimenting.

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