Lady Love #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Lady Love #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hey Ertsy People! So, if you’ve been following me on other platforms, you must know that now I have shifted to Paris to start a new phase of my life but obviously without leaving ertsy behind. And I’ve pledge that I will be writing blogs for you all the way from the fashion capital of the world. And so, to keep my word, here is my first look from the new series of blogs that will follow.

So, this week, I celebrated my 22nd birthday *throws confetti* and well, what better occasion to shoot a concept look than your own birthday in the most romantic city in the world! This look is a mix of designer wear you can dazzle the street fashion with. And, because I’ve been crushing on the nude colour this season, that’s the colour-theme of this look.

The Look

I’m in a designer dress in cut-outs which manages to look super elegant in the nude-colour. It is in cut sleeves because of the summer; I’ve matched it with a bunch of great looking and matching accessories, a designer clutch bag and a pair of nude stiletto heels over black onesie socks.



To keep the look up and running in the sun and also suit the winds, I have a pair of black & gold frame sunglasses and a black bomber.



And that’s how it goes with a bomber! (You can never go wrong with a black bomber)


You can also retro it up with a bandana!


I keep my hair down just as I like it and run free like I do! The make-up is minimal with light eye-make-up of an eye liner and light-pink eye shade of nude lipstick to highlight my (super-thin) lips!



I absolutely love how the accessories add so many dimensions to the look by merely being there and that’s why I have a delicate choker, some rad rings and a beautiful designer watch in rose and gold that I gifted myself on this birthday!



The essence of this look is a mix of emotions, life, anticipation and love. With Ertsy and the journey that it has led me to in the past few months has made me believe in ‘be your own desire’ to the core. Now I define love in self-discovery and self-appreciation. So, this look is an ode to every person who is struggling to meet themselves but tries nonetheless.



For – ‘Charm what’s in you to charm who looks into you; don’t wait for anyone to come along and make the difference, you’re your own charm.’
So, now you don’t need someone else to be your goddess, you can be your own Lady Love.



So, this year I pledge to be myself and continue this journey I have committed myself to.


Stay Ertsy!


Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 26; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist |

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