Lazy Diva #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Lazy Diva #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hola, Ertsy people! Thank you for your continuous support and making Ertsy such a high rated fashion blog; I’m really excited to share with you that currently we are ranking pretty high in France, as well! *WIDE GRIN* So, this week’s look is a tribute to all those women who go ‘damn’ on the looks that go around in the fashion world but are too lazy to create on for themselves! Well, there’s a little bit of that in all of us, ain’t it? Fret not, the ‘Lazy Diva’ look is here to unlock this girl code and help you look your sassiest in the easiest and ertsiest ways possible.

It is all about them elements, after all! And well, the best part about the look is that it is pretty doable on a regular basis. And, yes, it has full potential to turn you into a complete head turner!

Also, to jazz things up a little, with this look I won’t tell you what you need to add, instead what all you may¬†subtract as we go ahead! *wink*

The look:

Has a faux leather jacket (a leather jacket may also be used if you aren’t an animal cruelty conscious person like me), a light pink muffler, a pair of black jeans, a pair of designer boots and a tie-up sweater top. Oh, I’ve taken a sling with it and some slay earrings and sunglasses!


Make the best of it in your comfort – how cool is that! *grin*


Oh and, some classic eye-liner to up the style quotient but largely a no make-up look.


Off with the jacket now. And you have a suave muffler and top look to up the swag level. Flaunt it.



And finally, off with the muffler and half-bun up to reach the utmost lazy diva level.

(that’s me meditating in the triumph)


And, since it is cold, how about we alternate with the jacket and go off with the muffler!


And maybe flaunt your curves while you’re at it!



So, I had tons of fun being my lazy diva self this weekend in the city of Versailles and hope you make the best of these fashion tips for your next adventure, too. This look is suitable for all of that.

Do tell me how it works out for you and remember to stay Ertsy! xx


Aditi Parashar
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