Light up your Living with The Purple Turtles

Light up your Living with The Purple Turtles

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas. Because life is all about how you found the light within, let’s share with you something that has been so feel good and lit up us at Ertsy, figuratively and literally! *wink*

Major announcement at the end!!!

Often in life, we stumble upon some so amazing things, people or places that we can’t help but fall in love. Something like that happened to us at Ertsy when we stumbled upon The Purple Turtles. Now, as cute and adorable as the name sounds, it has nothing to do with turtles and in fact everything to do with lights.

The Purple Turtles is a Bangalore based lifestyle boutique, which was launched in 2009, and has today become synonymous with high end designer lighting and quirky eye catching furniture. The company has a unique approach to lighting and decor and how much can it actually change the perception of a place is phenomenal. And, we are a sucker for lights, even our 5 decor hacks for your bachelor pad list is all about lights!


Founded by Radeesh R Shetty, the company is an epitome of everything Indian Luxury is all about. It is beautiful, ethnic and absolutely hand-crafted. In fact, it is actually the first of its kind in the country; a company that houses Indian Lighting Designers. More importantly, because these products are not imported, they are of much better quality and fall lighter on the pocket.

I just read that as Affordable Luxury, and we all know how often does that happen (Never). Operating from their grand 3-story building office in Bangalore, The Purple Turtles also has some aesthetic furniture to get us all excited.


Now, this is not just us saying that, it is their extensive client list that says that. Don’t believe us?

Google, TCS, Microsoft, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Oracle, CISCO, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ericsson,  The Park hotels, Park Plaza, Alila group of hotels, Royal Orchid, Nandos, Cafe coffee day, Smoke House Deli, Gloria Jeans, Krispy Kreme….pheww

Nope, we didn’t rant out all international companies in India; that’s actually the from client list of The Purple Turtles. *Mind=Blown*

Their latest collection Wabi Sabi is a representation of the Japanese Lighting that accepts simplicity, imperfection, and transience. It is minimalist, unique and in concrete. Moreover, The Purple Turtles team also provides lighting consultancy, offering highly specialized and need-specific lighting advice to its customers.


Furthermore, we strongly suggest The Purple Turtles to every decor fetishist whether it is for your home or office. Their beautiful collections will never, ever disappoint you. And, yes, because life is all about finding your light, let The Purple Turtles light up your life! 🙂

For the announcement: Ertsy is soon organising a MAJOR GIVE AWAY along with The Purple Turtles, that means, we will be lighting up your life this Christmas !! For more, stay tuned and stay Ertsy. xx


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