5 ways to look & feel better this Summer

5 ways to look & feel better this Summer

So… Summer is here and so is the time to stop layering up under heaps of trendy clothes to hide your bodily insecurities. How do you think I know that? Well, because I’m as worried as you are about this shenanigan. I mean, I love summer and all, but do I like taking off my clothes and confronting with my ‘problem areas’? NOPE. So, I created a list with ways to look and feel better this summer.


There was no list like this which already existed that I could find, so, of course, this is a very personal approach to the topic, and you may very well, agree or disagree!

5 ways to look & feel better this Summer

Having lived in Europe (Paris, specifically) for a while has taught me why people crave summer. It legit lasts for 2 months here and has conditions applied to it. Coming from India, I definitely took summer for granted and only once I lived here that I truly understood how depressing winter is. I mean, you will miss the sun so much that people get in a better mood hereupon just seeing the sun come out. Yet, all I end up doing is hate this beautiful time for having to embrace my body a little more, a little more publically.


Don’t get me wrong. I truly love myself. The journey has been long and damming but I’ve gotten to a point where I can honestly embrace myself. However, that doesn’t make me totally immune to insecurities, right? It just helps me love myself even with all of those insecurities! So, what’ my hack for looking and feeling better this summer, you ask… it’s all about feeling good and well.


Ways to look and feel better this Summer:

1. Choose Comfort

It’s tempting to layer up in clothes that make you look oh, so gorgeous, even if the heat basically kills you. TBH, I have done this as a teenager too many times to not mention it now. And all I’ve realized is that it doesn’t make one bit of a difference in the other person’s life while you function in the discomfort. The logic is the same in everything else, too. So, wear what is comfortable and do what is doable and push yourself only to where your wellbeing isn’t compromised.

5 ways to look & feel better this Summer

2. Hydrate yourself and your skin

Water, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Papaya… all things beautiful you can eat and apply on your skin. Hydrate yourself and you’ll feel a significant lift in your mood, too. You have things to do and wonders to create but there’s no substitute to hydration and so that’s something you should never slack on.

5 ways to look & feel better this Summer

3. Travel to beaches with people you like

I’m serious. I’ve avoided beaches like plague for years because I’d have killed the person who wanted to put me in a bathing suit and in public. However, again, no one gave two shits when I actually did that. The only person who noticed was me. The freedom, the happiness, and the positive energy that a beach trip fills me with is still indescribable. Remember to take the people you like with you so that they can love and motivate you irrespective of how you think you look. I remember looking at a picture from a beach day with a close friend and while I looked at my ‘fat arm’, she looked at my ‘fab booty’. If that’s not realization enough, I don’t know what is!

4. Read a book or two and get hooked on a series

YES! Indulge! Do things to stimulate your mind and soul. Make yourself wonder, on the beach or not, take yourself to a world that is beyond the ‘regular’.

5 ways to look & feel better this Summer

5. Embrace yourself for who you are and set body goals that substantiate you

Do you want to lose weight? Work on your skin? Get those abs? IDK… anything? DO IT!

As long as it substantiates you instead of pulling yourself down, create a goal and put your heart to it. Every milestone is an achievement, remember. More importantly, this summer, learn to live the flesh-cage you live in. List things you appreciate in your body, overcome your fears by doing things you generally would avoid. Wear yellow instead of black *wink*.


Pretty normal, right?

Exactly what I wanted to convey!

5 ways to look & feel better this Summer

Your insecurities are not going to define your vibes, summer or not. So, cut out all the toxic people and feelings, and indulge in things that actually fill you with hope and positivity. If you do want to work on your physical attributes, go for it, but don’t you dare beat yourself if you can’t. I understand you can’t find the time, resources, or just the motivation and it’s completely all right. You look beautiful.

Believe me.

Especially when you’re happy and confident.


So, this summer, start a journey (or finish one) to fall in love with yourself. And keep reading ERTSY for more of travel in style adventures.

Much love xoxo


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