Madaari: A testament of Irrfan’s Talent (Full Movie Review, no spoilers)

Madaari: A testament of Irrfan’s Talent (Full Movie Review, no spoilers)

Hey, Ertsy people, in our own fashion, we’re reviewing the latest movie — Madaari today. And chill, because it is completely spoiler free!

Madaari by the exact meaning of the word refers to the person who runs the show. And, this movie’s Madaari is rightly, the unconventional Khan — Irrfan!

A story of single parent, Nirmal Kumar, whose home is torn apart decides to not back down till he finds the perpetrator and serves the righteous. Nirmal is ‘the ideal voter’ because he is so embroiled in ‘roti, kapda aur makan’ that he ceases to pay attention to the mess outside and caters to what the ‘corrupt system’ seeks of a common man. Nirmal is the epitome of every common man in the country trying to make a living for themselves and fight to make things better for their families.

With a tried and tested story of a common man turning to a vigilante seeking to serve justice in the corrupt run world, one would not expect this movie to be a nail-biter.

But, damn! It was!


Directed by Nishikant Kamat, this movie has every element you expect from the blunt director. The strength of his movies has always been the story-line and the family audience appeal and Madaari too justifies the standards.

Irrfan is definitely at his finest. He is downright amazing. Sitting through the movie I couldn’t help but think that no matter how hard I try, I can’t imagine this character as anyone but him. He’s refreshing, convincing and though, unconventional as usual, he’s nothing like the Irrfan we’ve ever seen before.

The supporting cast includes Jimmy Shergil, which now I’ve grown to believe is Kamat’s favourite. And why shouldn’t that be. Shergil has the looks, talent, style and robust to pull off all the characters he is given to play at his finest. You’re never disappointed in Shergil, that’s a given. And, with Madaari, he proves his mettle again.

The critics may have a divided opinion on the movie but Ertsy says that this movie is certainly for everyone out there who wishes to engage in something empowering along with their families. And if not for anything else, go and watch this movie for Irrfan!

Go ahead, enjoy the movie and share your reviews with us.

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