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Bonjour Ertsy people! Your favourite fashion blog, ever since international, has tried to bring to you the best of the international fashion. This week’s look is for all the ladies who enhance the style quotient of our streets and never tire down. The look is simplistic and very minimalist and will be adored if you’re a fan of fast fashion with a hint of luxury. The look is all monochrome, well, because these days that’s all what I’m diggin’. And cherry on top – we’ve shot the look in the streets of Paris and man, am I in love!

So, behold, here comes the madam to make you go ‘damn’. *wink*

The look:

Is made up of a white cardigan top, a pre-plumed white skirt and a majestic black muffler, because it is autumn and I’m already cold. I’ve mixed it with a brown bag and a pair of designer boots. Topped it with some accessories and a no-make-up look!


Yes! You heard it right. We’re on an absolutely, artistically on a no-make-up spree and keeping it minimalist and classy like that while adding a lot of slay with them accessories.


The muffler may be worn all down low or as a shrug. Either way, it is to complement your style in the city while keeping you warm.



Or you can just take it off altogether but hold it right there because it gives you the ‘damn’!


Like every look at ertsy, this too has been curated to keep you style in check, you curves complemented and your comfort at prime. So, that you can go wild and free and yet look your best! And, well, damn the Parisian streets for making it all look better. xx


I love rings, designer watches and I even did my nails for this look. For this look is for a ‘madam’ I made it slightly corporate and adult with an ‘holds all essentials’ semi designer bag!



The idea was to blend in with the street and yet stand out in the most ertsy way possible and that is exactly what happened!




You go ahead and create your own erstymadamn‘ look and tell me how you liked this one.

Stay ertsy! xx


Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 24; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist | Lux Management student in Paris Go ahead read my blog, and get ertsy with me! x

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