Parisian Princess #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

With the amazing response coming every week, I’m not only enthused but also more eager to share the fashion looks I mix, match and create !

This Week’s look is- The Parisian Princess.

Paris is the mecca of fashion and the ErtsyLookOfTheWeek really does have everything Paris stands for – class, art, romance, niche and luxury! And a bonus this week is the useful insight into making a perfect day-out in Paris. If you’re an art lover like me, this is especially for you.

So this is the onset of Spring in Paris. If you’re going from a hot country like India, this is what your deep winters(on the plains) feel like. This season is actually the most challenging because it is neither too hot nor too cold and in between all this confusion, the fashion suffers! Something you just can not afford in a fashion conscious city like Paris. In fact, out of my personal experience, here people judge you majorly(and sort of only) on your dressing sense!

So, cutting straight to the chase.

The day involved visit to Louvre Museum, followed by a Sienne River cruise, an evening stroll by the river and some desert tasting at the end of it. We started with a heavy breakfast from our studio apartment(always better than hotels anyway) and grabbed bites in between as and when required but nothing too fancy. (However, we did have a fancy dinner, which was a rather private affair. *wink*)

So all you need for this look is a crop biker jacket, a pashmeena scarf and an absolutely amazing gown underneath! Go for bright colours for they will compliment the whole romantic mood of the city and couple it up with darker tops for the Goth bit too!



Now get inside Louvre and do some showing off of those free-flows and make the greek gods envious!


Always go for a comfortable footwear in Paris. You’ll have to do a lot of walking. I’m wearing my boots underneath that are absolutely comfortable and sassy all at once!


The Louvre is a fortress turned museum that houses one of the greatest art collections of all times. Other than the famous and controversial Mona Lisa, the Louvre has replicas of all famous Michelangelo sculptures and the Egyptian Sphynx, too! It is a great venue to visit for all art history lovers for the aesthetics and stories it offers!


With the gallery of Apollo, a northern wing paralleling the Grande Galerie showcasing a parisian collection of Napoleanic regime that grew through successful military campaigns, and so on, the museum has been extended, broken and restored over the decades. It now has everything your ertsy(read artsy) soul calls for!


Proceed outside the museum and you’ll find the electric rickshaws(carriers) that will make for a perfect ride to reach the Pont Des Arts from where you’ll get your Sienne River Cruise.


Descend the bridge to the scenic Sienne river to board your cruise flaunting your Parisian Princess outfit! A pair of sassy sun-glasses and a matching sling bag will just compliment your look!


Get on the mesmerising cruise and let it all just seep in…


That picture really is candid, look at the view I mean!… Yup, that’s the Eiffel Tower! :’)


Follow it up with a walk around the river, bask in the sun while it is still there…


Add some amazing desert tasting at any patisserie to make the day more amazing! Yes, I’m sure all are equally great.


And well, the evening in Paris will bring out the best in you! So, while you’re all posh and proper being the Parisian Princess don’t forget the wild-child inside, ever! 😉


You may proceed to a dinner after this or just keep strolling around till it’s darker like we did.

Eiffel Tower is a passé, if art, aesthetics and romance is what you seek, this is what calls to do in Paris!
(Trust me, we celebrated the-guy-in-picture’s 21st birthday on this day!)

Hope you liked my look and the ideas! Now go create yours and hit me up with suggestions.

Till then, be your own desire! XOXO


Aditi Parashar
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17 thoughts on “Parisian Princess #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

  1. I have never made my admiration for this look a secret. And this goes just a notch higher!! I love the dress, the setting, the way it has been presented, everything! Way to go girl 🙂

    1. Paris has been great indeed!
      We went as visiting students to Louvre so it was free of cost for us, the regular fairs and discounts may be seen on the official Louvre website! 🙂

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