Pastel Aesthetic Part 2 #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Pastel Aesthetic Part 2 #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Well, well, well, since my last look with the Pastel aesthetic was a big hit! *Throws confetti in admiration* Which is why decided to do a part two of it with a reverse of the spring color scheme. So, a pastel pink skirt and a white top. And, to check the aesthetic further, I took the look to the city streets from the spring-y gardens. Now, go and see the Pastel Spring look first if you haven’t already!

So, literally everything else in this look is same as the last one but the setting and the spring color combination flip!

After all, if spring could be represented in a color pallet, it had to be made entirely out of pastels. With the innocence of a child’s colorbook and the expertise of the nature, the spring color is the perfect representative of beauty.

Moreover, I’ve spent time in making the look more street style friendly this week and added the panache of the chic. The idea is always to keep comfort prime but beat the trends, too. For example, I used the block heels, more practical yet trendy.

While it also is your prerogative to make it into a look for the wilderness or for the streets, I’m just trying to create variations with my ertsy style.


The Look:

White, lace back, crop top

Pastel Skirt with White embroidered lace

Open Toe block heels to match the ensemble

A fade shade sling bag to balance the pallet


Black Choker, Pastel Hoop earrings, some rings and a pair of rose-gold reflector sunglasses


This time, I jazzed it up with a turquoise eye liner and a pink lip-color


Pastel Aesthetic Part 2 #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek


So, that’s all for this week. Watch out for some awesome life and travel fashion hacks every Monday and Thursday right here at Ertsy!

Till then, have a beautiful spring and be your own desire. x

Aditi Parashar
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