Product Review: Kissbobo Strapless Stick-on Bra

Product Review: Kissbobo Strapless Stick-on Bra

Hey ERTSY fam. Today’s post is a review for the Kissbobo strapless stick-on bra: ECO-CHIC. I’ve tried to put my honest opinion in this article, although I was contacted by the company to write this review in exchange for the product. But, rest assured, I maintain my honesty policy and give you all but the truth in the post below.

For as long as I remember, I’ve hated wearing bras. Well, no woman I know will differ on this one, for sure. But if you’re the one with a heavier breast, well, you know the realness of my struggle. So, when I first heard the idea of a stick-on bra, well, it seemed like another one of those things that the flawless straight– fit girls can do (read bralette), while people with anything over a cup size C gotta suffer.


However, the idea of a stick-on bra just stuck to me.


Stick-on bra cups may seem like the perfect underwear solution for skimpy clothes – or just when you don’t want to wear a bra – but do they actually work? Do they give you a saggy cleavage? Will they stay on all day?



The bra comes with stick-on pads and plastic hooks to secure it. I wore this bra under an off-shoulder top topped by a jersey dress for a full work-day. So, I basically spent 10 hours wearing this bra.

The application was easy and the coverage was good, although not full, I liked it. Especially loved the instruction card inside the Kissbobo Strapless Stick-on bra box. The stick-on was surprisingly comfortable and the mild scent of the bra was sort of adorable too!

Product Review: Kissbobo Strapless Stick-on Bra


Good coverage and comfortable to wear

Organic glue used in the stick-on helped my super sensitive skin

Mulitple usage application

Available in Many colors and scents


Takes some time getting used to

Overall Report:

Simply put, does it actually work?

A big Yes!

Does it stay stuck all day, till in 30 degrees?


Did I get a saggy cleavage? Not really.

Was it comfortable?

Definitely takes getting used to, but Yes!


Closing thoughts: It had everything I love in this ECO-CHIC bra(complete coverage and lift tabs). It may have taken some taking used to but I would definitely wear it again.


So, that’s all about Kissbobo Strapless Stick-on bra. To buy your own, click here.

If you have thoughts or questions, share them in comments below.


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