REHAU South Asia Launch – Delhi Experience Centre!

REHAU South Asia Launch - Delhi Experience Centre!

In a triumph to move forward with a more environment friendly and classically designed future, Ertsy went to the REHAU, South Asia and everything we saw there has been absolutely mesmerising and in fashion.


Here’s an exclusive overview of what all we witnessed at their new experience centre in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

RAUKUNTEX Premium Edgeband


In addition to its conventional application, it can also be used for backlighting. The set up gives it a strong hold and it doesn’t crack or gets scratches. It is shiny, easy to clean and very durable. And, it comes in different colours and textures and can be used in tables , kitchen counters , slabs and others. Besides, it is just so aesthetically made that it doesn’t look like a utilitarian product at all!



Imagine! A slat that opens with sensory touch. Yes! A motorised, sensor-controlled opening mechanism makes for a much more comfortable operation. And that’s not it, it is super-easy to operate and has a durability of hundreds of uses in a day. If this isn’t what you’re looking for in your living space, you’re looking at the wrong place!




These are roller shutters that are designed to save space and work smart. Be it your office, home or kitchen, this is an answer to space saving. It is stylish and modern tambour door, which opens with minimum efforts and without any requirement of operational space but that’s not all the reasons why Ertsy recommends it, we also recommend it because we believe that these are the future to what interiors and design should be— clean and friendly!


REHAU also offers different style of doors and windows (slide , roller). It has taken many steps towards water conservation by using the Geothermal Energy method in houses, pipelines to keep the temperature low in summers and high in winters. It also has sound proof and heat proof windows and framework.

The excellent framework and innovative designs are very aesthetic. And the safety of the house , prevention from pollution, need of natural light, cleaning of the furniture , everything has been kept in mind while designing the products. REHAU has been able to successfully design the products to the best of technology. More than that, REHAU has a mechanism that promotes eco-friendly technology through and through!

Now, what can possibly be better than that!

About REHAU:

REHAU , founded in 1948 by Helmut Wagner is a foundation that uses new ideas and techniques to come out of everyday struggles we face in our lives . Its major agenda is to use polymer-based solutions for different problems. That is why it’s tagline is ‘Polymer Based Solutions’ . It has ARCHITECTURAL based solutions, CONSTRUCTION based solutions and various different contributions in making small parts of automobiles like AUDI and\ BMW.


REHAU has been working towards a number of polymer based solutions and have come up with some excellent designs.


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