Rethinking designs with REHAU!


Thank you for coming back to Ertsy, your favourite Fashion and Design destination. Although we’ve been away from the sight for a while, you can read our travel adventures on : erubescente. Continuing the spirits of our enthusiasm for design, we talk about REHAU today.

Most of us aren’t people who think about design as something which is really thought over. In fact, design is usually taken for granted. Fascinatingly however, design makes up for the most important aspect of our lives. Consciously and sub-consciously, we are always inclined towards aesthetics and appeal. Yes, it is psychologically and physiologically proven a fact!

At Ertsy, we encourage rethinking and reimagining all sorts of design and aesthetics. Our emphasis has always been over questioning the conventionality and making the best out of what you have.

We’re super thrilled to understand that REHAU stands in tandem with these ideas of ours! REHAU is fantastic as it is. They cater to design services in the interior-household-necessity section, turn utilitarian products like widows and panels into beautifully designed objects and their products are environmental friendly, too! You read that right, no matter how utopian it may sound, it actually is a fact that Design and Aesthetics can go hand in hand with environmental preservation.

We, at Ertsy, are proud of REHAU for rethinking design in the most optimum way and creating a conscience for it, too. And, we strongly recommend REHAU to everyone looking to upgrade their homes and lives in the best possible ways while still aiming to be an aware citizen.

Yes! REHAU is now in Delhi, too. And well, to get more of what they do and make, I suggest you go to their experience centre today! Till then, keep rethinking and reinventing; share your experiences with us and have an ertsy life!

Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 26; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist |