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A poem by a poet who wishes to be identified by her pen-name -Annie O’ Hara, I only post it for art and talent like such needs audience.

There might be words for silence
But not a remedy for heartache
And I have been in pain since
But now the pain is taking toll.

Summers seep and winters wane
Trees shed and come alive in rain
But it never gets old
The trials and defeated emotions

Now lend me a hand and help me to stand
For tonight I’m drunk on memories
I’ve been busy you see
Keeping me sane with magical potions
I’ve been busy
Trying to pick me up in pieces

The worst of our ghosts
Are the ones in our past
And I have been haunted since.
The heart that keeps my blood going
Is all I have of me
The pain that keeps me down but going
Is all that’s left of you

If the pain leaves and the love stays
Would it be enough
To wake me up inside?
How would life be for me
Would I have a hole in my heart
Where the hurt and pain used to be

I take to my chair
I sit on my regrets
Fall back into it,
I recline onto my guilt;
And give myself unto a silent prayer
I retire to the pains of the unfulfilled.


Featured Image via : (c) Jeremy Wilson


Aditi Parashar
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