Reviewing: Style and Life by Susana

Style & Life by Susana: Review!

For as long as I’ve been blogging (which is a year), I’ve learnt that networking and internalising love to give support to fellow bloggers is the best way to go about when in pursuit of your passion. Susana Lopes Snarey, a style and life blogger from Australia, are one of those few people who’ve met me very early on in this journey and has stayed. It is not only that her fashion, style and energy that never fails to inspire me but also the fact that she is a remarkable woman of a strong demeanour that I’m her avid follower. She’s fearless with her views and doesn’t ever scare away from confronting her emotions even when strongly sustaining a monetised blog. Which is phenomenal!

As a part of my bloggaversary collaboration suit, thus, I’ll be reviewing three looks from her blog that I’ve loved the most in hope that you’ll love them just as much as I did. These looks are original, feisty and absolutely fabulous on all levels and that’s why I could find an ertsy element in each.

The Looks:

1) Wardrobe Staple Off The Shoulder:

Composition: Above knee Off-Shoulder dress, Aviators glasses, thread choker, gladiator sandals.

Review: Unlike most off-shoulder dresses and how they are carried, this look is elegant and very lady-like, however it manages to keep up the charm of the off-shoulder sexiness well. I love how the bold sunglasses frame Susana’s face and makes her look summer ready. The style is relaxed and that of embracing comfort which is totally an ertsy element !

I would totally wear this for my next summer/beach trip!

2) Slipping black Into Summer

Composition: Black Slip Dress, Black Havanas and little Bow Black Choker.

Review: The simplistic approach of the look is something that is refreshing. I love how Susana has used her tall-frame to rock the slit-cut and in full confidence. In fact, her confidence is the best part of her style in this look. Which is as ertsy as it gets!

Moreover, this look has to be the envy of me for its simplicity, elegance, confidence and everything in between!

3) Boho Chic Rocking This Chick

Composition: Black shawl, black t-shirt, skinny ripped jeans, over the knee boots, various jewellery from and a boho Handbag.

Review: The boho look has to be my all time favourite because of all the elemental details to it and Susana has pulled this off so beautifully. I love how confident and comfortable she looks with pulling her hair back and just embracing the boho-vibes. My special favourite is the bag she is using to match the style of the shawl which is what makes the look so complete.

Thinking of totally trying something like this in my next boho look. *wink*

Further, if you’ve enjoyed these looks as much as I did, go check out her work here on !

About Style and Life by Susana

Style & Life by Susana is a testament of pure genuine love for fashion & style, beauty & skin care, pop culture, spirituality, lifestyle matters and also sharing my own personal experiences with IVF over the past few years and infertility.

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  1. This is such a beautiful post you have written about my style and my blog, and I am truly touched and so honored that you did this on me. This means so much to me. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you again xxx

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