Shaking up my wardrobe with Samshék!

Shaking up my wardrobe with Samshék!

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! If you checked out my last look of the week which was to resonate the dressy vibes I was treading in during my time in Munich, you couldn’t have possibly missed out the amazing blue dress I wore. This dress was no ordinary, it was actually a customised dress I got from the house of Samshék.

Coming across this portal was a breakthrough in itself for me. Since, it is seldom in India that we have a luxury based product at easy access. However, what was heartening to see was the fact that the brand’s USP lies in the very customised dressing that has gotten me hooked. You can choose everything for your dress from its, colour to length, edit neck and back styles, remove/add sleeves,  and even customise the style of those sleeves.

Getting the Customised Dress:

Once you are on, all you need to do is select the dress and add your customisation. The customised dress is then craftily manufactured and delivered to your doorstep in 3-5 days.

Select the dress you like, click on it and begin customising. You can choose from all the given options, the fabrics, styles, cuts, lengths and if you feel stuck somewhere, you can just reset and restart.

Samshek Customised Dress

Once you’re through with that, just choose an existing dress size or personalise that, too.

Samshek Customised Dress


For me, Samshék comes out as a clear winner because of not only their aesthetics but also the efficiency in their craft. The dresses are made out of great fabric and deliver what is promised. To top that, the packaging is to die for!

Yes, the dresses are segmented at a little higher than usual.  But then, they are still lower than the in-store boutiques that customise the dresses to this extent. Not to overlook the efficiency, the collections are seasonal with the fashion dynamic. This brand is just for every fashionista who dreams of up-market fashion and in the luxury niche.

Furthermore, their Spring Summer 2017 collection is just around the corner. And, I strongly recommend that you too shake up your wardrobe with Samshék now!

Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire. xx


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  1. Oh heavens….this is such a great service. I would love to give it a try. Bytheway, you look amazing in that dress, stay gorgeous & ertsy!

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