Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020

Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020

March equinox or the 20th of March marks the official beginning of spring. Well, it is the astronomical cycle that considers this equinox to be the first day of spring but you can’t really control the actual weather or seasons so, the meteorologic cycle bases its first day of spring on seasonal weather and temperature patterns. However since, I’m ready to find myself blessed by the spring color sceneries, I’m just going to pretend like all the cherry-blossoms will bloom in-sync at the midnight mark of the 20th of the 3rd month of each year. Anyway, talking of aesthetics, this is an article about the spring fashion must haves: the pieces that are still relevant in 2020 and (un)fortunately not about my nihilistic ramblings about the beginning of spring.

I actually wrote another article about my motivations for the Spring season so if you’re into that kinda stuff, click on this link.

Now onto the topic at handspring fashion must haves. While I love following the trends we’re served at the turn of every fashion cycle, some pieces are just classics and remain relevant amidst all of those trends. Those are what this list is about. Moreover, I do recognize that increasing consumerism is causing more hurt to the environment than good so I tried to put this list together in an effort to engage in more sustainable behavior.

Now, before you come at me for saying that I still write a fashion blog where I motivate people to buy more clothes or that I partner with fast-fashion sites regularly, I don’t pretend for a second that I don’t. However, it’s just about doing your bit and this is mine, along with other things I do to reduce my carbon footprint in my real life and while it may not be perfect, every bit counts. So, thank you, next.

Oh, did I derail again? Well, blah blah blah, let’s jump right into the list I’ve curated for you from the Shein Spring Collection – my faithful partner site that basically helps me put all these fashion-forward looks together. I’m also directly linking the pieces, just in case you fall in love with them like I have and can’t resist buying. You can also use the following codes to ease your pocket of the burdens of lust for fashion:


1. White dress with lace & layer details

Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020 Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020

Lace will always remain a spring classic and it maintained this status in this year’s spring collections, too. Layer detail, as I shared in my spring 2020 inspired outfits’ list has definitely come back in a big way this year. So, this dress is one of the best intersections of all things trendy, classic, and beautiful.


2. Nude studded jacket with drawstring

Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020 Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020

Nothing like a beautiful parka jacket to fend of the spring winds. So, this list definitely had to include a jacket. The piece I picked was this nude studded jacket with drawstring simply because it spoke to the current trends with the stud and drawstring details while remaining classic in color and in the way of being understated despite the additions.


3. White crop blouse with lace accentuation

Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020

I have already busted myths about the general fear that a cropped blouse should be reserved for certain body types and I definitely love them. So with the incoming spring, I just had to find one that worked. You can never go wrong with whites in basic so that’s all I looked for – a white crop blouse. I think the fact that this top has a dramatic collar and lace accentuations makes it look all the chicer.


4. Black cape blazer dress with button details

Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020Spring Fashion Must haves in 2020

Capes and Blazers have also been spring fashion must haves by the trend gurus and stylists for a few years now. I definitely am a sucker for blazers- I say as every third outfit I do is in a blazer. So, it was only natural for me to be drawn to this super stunning dress. I coupled it with the aforementioned blouse to up that effortless-chic look to the max.


As you can see, I paired all my outfits with a pair of earrings with tulle details. Not only do they look elevated, but they also make these basic pieces look even more statement worthy. As I say, finding the right combination between your clothing and accessories is all about creating balance.

Wearing understated elegant pieces? Wear statement jewelry. Wearing a flashy/ color-rich outfit, go for the small plain/no jewelry approach.

Voila, that was my list of spring fashion must haves to help you look your best this year and beyond it. Which piece did you love the most? Do you have another go-to piece that you’re eying on? Go ahead and share it in the comment section below.

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