Spring in Paris: 5 key fashion pieces

Spring in Paris: 5 key fashion pieces

The winter in Paris finally seems to be coming to an end and no one is happier than me. Imagine being from a warm country like India and having to live in a place with dark, depressing, wet winter for about 4-6 months out of a year. It’s a nightmare, to say the least. I mean, of course, you can find some nice things to do once in a while and look forward to the holidays and all. But by February even the natives here have had enough of this shitstorm called winter. Which explains the perpetual good mood of French people when the sun is out, I am on the same boat now, unexceptionally. So with upcoming ‘Spring in Paris’, I decided to do a series on everything Spring.

This series will cover everything in the ‘travel in style’ universe. From what fashion tips you should follow to the places you need to visit for the best spring views in Paris.


So, in this first article of the series, we will be covering the key fashion pieces inspired by the Parisienne Spring. These pieces are from the first-hand accounts of my last two springs spent in Paris. Rest assured, it’ll still be prioritizing comfort in style and will be internationally viable fashion, too.

Spring in Paris: 5 key fashion pieces

Be sure to follow the links to buy these pieces at jaw-dropping prices from Shein’s Mega Spring Sale. Additional discount code at the end of the article! Let’s jump right in then!


5 key fashion pieces inspired by Spring in Paris


1. Denim Jacket

Spring in Paris: 5 key fashion pieces

I have honestly seen more Denim Jackets in the streets of Paris in spring more than any other kind. The reason is simply the dynamism it adds to your street style. You can wear it with trousers, skirt, or jeans and just always look fabulous. Since I like to go a little overboard, I got this studded grey oversized denim jacket from my partner site shein and it’s literally my most favorite piece for the season. You can buy it too by clicking here. (Shopping in India? Click here)


2. Hat &/or Scarf

I’m surprised to even have to explain this but literally how essential a scarf &/or a hat is in French dressing is pretty common knowledge. Paris streets witness that in a little bit more oomph. So, don’t shy away from going a little ‘extra’ with them.


3. Midi Skirt

Spring in Paris: 5 key fashion piecesI’ve talked about this elaborately in my Midi Skirt styling guide but this piece is literally one of the defining chic pieces in a Parisienne woman’s wardrobe. Plus it’s comfortable and versatile and everything you want. You can try a plain midi skirt or a printed one depending on your mood and wardrobe style. Get a printed midi skirt like mine from shein by clicking here. (Shopping in India? Click here)


4. Classic Trench Coat or Parka

Nothing like a classic trench coat or parka to fight the dubious Spring winds and look chic at the same time. I personally prefer parka over trench this year but both are pretty universal & timeless.


5. LBD (Little Black Dress)

Spring in Paris: 5 key fashion pieces

There’s something a little too classy about the LBD and its popular French roots (Chanel) to skip it from this list. Spring is actually the beginning of the dress season but barely there so LBD is a safe but super chic bet. I am recommending this cute spring style V-neck LBD from my style partners at shein with big sleeves and subtle boho lace & tie back. You can buy it here. (Shopping in India? Click here)


So, that marks the end of my first listicle in the Spring in Paris series. Hope you enjoyed reading and got ideas to upgrade your wardrobe. The list was made in partnership with my partner site – Shein. Don’t forget to follow the links and benefit from their ongoing Mega Spring Sale. You can also use code: shsale461 for an additional 15% off!

Spring in Paris: 5 key fashion pieces

Watch out for the next article of this series which will talk about the most ‘instagrammable’ places in Paris in Spring.


Feel free to leave your suggestions/feedbacks in comments below!

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