This new year, stop fuzzing about New Year Resolutions

This new year, stop fuzzing about New Year Resolutions

When you’re a week away from the New Year, it gets rather difficult to escape the superfluous cheer that everyone can’t seem to stop talking about. The cheery songs, the bells, the app filters, the new year resolutions… it is just everywhere. And well, I’m no Scrooge so even I succumbed to this pressure and did an outfit ideas’ post for the holidays. Since I’ve already been a party to spreading the cheer, I thought there was no harm in talking about something that may make me look bitter.

Of course, it is not an attack on anyone but just my opinions. And, nope, it is not because I hate anything much less the holidays or a festival; I just am not a fan of New Year Resolutions.


So… Disclaimer: If opinions or ‘hate’ on New Year Resolutions can destroy your holiday spirits, this is the right time to leave this site.


New year Resolutions and False sense of accomplishments…

I have distinct memory of ceremoniously writing my first ever new year resolution list back when I was just 6 years old and boy did I enjoy it. Needless to say, a lot has changed in the past 17 years for me to think of them otherwise. I think my biggest issue with these resolutions is the ‘false sense of accomplishment’ they bring (and later- shatter). At 6, I decided to practice mathematics for an hour every day; and at 10, I decided to practice creative writing every day; then at 12, I decided to practice music every day; probably at 16, I decided to go running and even join the gym and do something about my body weight… but well, I still am where I started (in theory).

Of course, the determination and the thought made me work towards my goals but the fact that they were attached to a ‘new year resolution’ made it more about planning than actually doing something.

Swear I haven’t had a new year resolution for good 6 years now. I don’t plan to break that streak this year, as well. But does that mean I’m not accomplishing my goals anymore? Does it make me less of a visionary? Or does it lessen the power of manifestation that I believed it? Well, honestly, we don’t have any means to measure that, but I just strongly feel that it doesn’t.


Besides, if I want to decide to do something, I don’t want to cut my options of making resolutions mid-year. I mean, we all want to believe that the new year will bring so much newness and this is why it is important to have a new goal or standard for this event but we eventually realize that the ‘New Year’ is just like another ‘Monday’ or another ‘Tomorrow’. There’s always going to be another and leaving work to it will only make you less productive and more complacent.

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Resolutions V/S Goals

All right, let’s picture you actually do make a list of resolutions and achieve one out of them… first of all, kudos to you but then, is that it? You get a sense of accomplishment but is that even for real? I mean if a checklist motivates you like it motivates me, make it every day. Why does it have to be a yearly program? If you want to be honest and practical, you can rather make a reflections’ list. A list of what you actually did in the year that went by and try to take lessons and create real result oriented goals.

Moreover, this will help you jot down straight result oriented goals. The difference is that they aren’t based on one decision you took at the end of a period (a year, a week..etc.), they are dynamic, proactive, and can be thought or re-thought about at any time of the year.

Personally, I mean, it is so pointless that I couldn’t even make a listicle of 5 good reasons of why I dislike these new year resolutions. I don’t need five of them. The one where they are pointless and just give a false sense of accomplishment to hinder my actually quantifiable growth is good enough for me.


How about you?

BTW… Happy New Year to you guys! Keep challenging yourself, be your own desire, stay curious and stay Ertsy! xx

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