Street Stunner #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Street Stunner #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! With so much happening in the world right now, we can only say, thank god we have fashion to keep our spirits always up, high and bangin’. And so, to keep this spirits intact, we present to you, this week’s Ertsy Look Of The Week and debuting in the Men’s styling, too! Our model for these awesome styles is the one usually behind the lens – Shashwat Tripathi! The Ertsy spin is courtesy of this awesome website called Kraftly!

Now, FYI, Shashwat is a usually unusual subject when it comes to styling because there’s absolutely nothing you can do to add to his existing charm but well, we did give him an Ertsy spin and added to it. If you’re into men styling or looking for awesome yet doable ideas to style yourself, this be it.

The look:

Street Stunner, is all about suave and magnetism, and of course, confidence. The key to men styling is details in layers. Since it is largely dependant on clothing and not on accessories. And even when it is a street style, it is styled to turn the street to the runway!

We combine, thus, a beautiful over coat and a double knot scarf on a casual pair of chinos and shirt. There is, of course, a suavely pair of wayfarer sun glasses, a watch and some dope formal shoes.


Your style is always defined by your comfort and how you carry it and that’s why we style it in nothing but dope attitude and command.


So while our model is warm and comfortable inside, he’s killing it on the outside.


And that’s even when the glasses come off! *wink*
And, because your smile is the best accessory, even if it is a crooked one!


For further detailing, we have a belt in a binding colour for this all blue pallet.



And well, that’s everything and beyond that this style is made up of. See, easy yet classy, exactly ertsy!





Mixing style and comfort, in Paris a long coat is the need of the hour, however, you can always create this style with an awesome Jacket, too; for which, we recommend, Kraftly!

Go and create your own awesome style with details of clothing layers in men’s style and share your experiences with us, too. And remember to stay ertsy and always be your own desire!


Aditi Parashar
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