Styling: Autumn Colors Trend Report

Styling: Autumn Colors Trend Report

This year has been all about style experimenting for me. And, even saying that would be an understatement when I actually look back at the layers of style evolution I’ve gone through. So, when I welcome my favorite time of the year – Autumn, I decided to make it more about style interpretations. I’m sure you’ve already seen my article with my own struggles with a sweater dress and how you can style it using 3 simple style hacks. In this one, I want to talk about a little bit of a trend report. More specifically, the autumn colors.


As seen in & curated by the Fashion Weeks & Gurus, the following are supposed to be the colors of autumn for this year:

Autumn Colors Trend Report 2018


Evidently, the colors are mostly rich and deep and take after the colors of autumnal leaves really. The only color I’m not particularly thinking as a fit in this pallet is the Quetzal Green. But then again that could be due to my clear bias against shades of green.  Personally, I am living for the Red Pear, Ceylon Yellow, Russet Orange, & Ultra Violet. I mean, they’re definitely my colors and highlight most of what my wardrobe is made up of. If you’re into classy and chic, you may also like Crocus Petal & Limelight. And, if you’re the one for casual-wear, Nebulas Blue & Martini Olive will also scream out to you.After the color-blocking outfit in the last article, I wanted to do something with these pure colors from this pallet. Which is basically what inspired the look for this article. Since my top two colors are Red Pear and Ceylon Yellow, I defined my outfit by those two and kept the rest of the pallet pretty autumn neutral (que: black).

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Styling My Outfit:

Taking from my rather newfound love for trousers and the fascination with ‘business casual’ looks, I created this look for the boss lady you are. So, the pleated trousers with a paper bag waist go right over a black bodice which is then topped by crop top in the beautiful Red Pear color. It’s transparent, stylish, and ties up as I want it to around my bust. This helps my curves look even better with the black bodice, or so I believe. The highlight of this outfit, however, is this beautiful (almost) Oversized Ceylon Yellow Blazer I got from Shein (it comes with a belt for those interested). I especially love it for the suddenly visible oomph the color and the fit of the blazer adds to my outfit. You can buy it here: (Shopping in India? Click Here)

I think, my outfit is a visual representation of everything I adore from the autumn colors this year. I’ll obviously be looking to style my other two favorites soon, too. It’s important to understand that while autumn is probably the best time to play with dark and deep colors, I would still not go beyond using two colors and always keep the pallet neutral color heavy with black. If you feel that it’s not going to work for you, just stick to one color from the pallet and pair it up with black (or even white).

See it as a transition from all the colors of summer to the all-blacks of winters…


Okay, so that’s all from the autumn colors trend report for now. I hope you have taken inspiration from my styling choices and I’ve helped you understand the color pallets better. Now, why don’t you me what colors would you like to pair together in the comments below?

Don’t forget to get this blazer and more statement fast fashion from my partner site, Shein! Your support is what keeps our partnership and my blogging spirits alive!


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