Style Challenge: Wearing 2019 SS Trend Pastel Green

Style Challenge: Wearing 2019 SS Trend Pastel Green

Welcome to the second part of my Style challenge series for this year. If you’ve not read the first one already, quit missing out and jump to it right here. In one of my recent articles, I talked about my favorite trends for the Spring/Summer 2019. Of this, I have taken a color I’ve never worn before- Pastel Green to create an entire look around it.

The Style Challenge:

To keep it fair, I’ll be taking only one piece in my outfit in the given color and building the outfit around it. You see, styling a dress is way too easy because it lessens the needs to mix-match, etc. I’ll also try to stick to a theme so to keep it consistent and wearable. Hence, making an actual outfit with an off-beat but trendy color and not just a ‘blogger’ outfit.

The choice:

A big shoutout to my partner site- for helping me pick this entire outfit from their worldwide shipping fashion website. I must also make a special mention of the quality of their clothes that has effectively gone up since the time I’ve been working with them. Besides, the size guides are updated to true match, too. You can use code ‘9ADITI’ sitewide to get an additional 15% off!

For my outfit, I chose a bottom – our key piece, a top, a pair of footwear, and one accessory to round up the look. As for the theme, I decided to go a little city-boho with my vibe. I wanted to keep my outfit suitable for summer, airy, and functional.


The Outfit


To match my boho theme, I chose a Sheer Kimono With Bell Sleeves With Pleats And Bow from Shein. (Buy here)It’s lightweight, chic, and those sleeves are to die for. I absolutely loved how high quality it was & functional, too. I layered it over a spaghetti top because it would’ve been too NSFW for me otherwise. You can really wear it as you please.

Style Challenge: Wearing 2019 SS Trend Pastel Green


The key piece of my outfit was the pastel green colored palazzo pants with a paper bag waist. (buy here) Because it’s loose and airy, it matched my boho theme and it was a great representation of the style challenge too. Because I style clothes by silhouette instead of colors, it was a bit of challenge for me to create an outfit that highlights this color particularly but the black base worked wonders.

Style Challenge: Wearing 2019 SS Trend Pastel Green


To add some definition to this loose ensemble, I wore a pair of black high heels with an ankle strap. (buy here) The heels also had crochet detailing that made the look well-rounded.

I got these shoes too from Shein and boy I have to make a special mention for how comfortable they are. As you know I usually would never wear heels but these had small padding and were super sturdy. I hiked up the Montmartre hill in these and came out alive so definitely recommend them.

Style Challenge: Wearing 2019 SS Trend Pastel Green


As an added accessory to my gold frame glasses, I wore a glass chain. Now, I know you think only grannies wear it but it looked so hip & fresh that I used it to balance out my ‘trendy choice’ with something offbeat.

Style Challenge: Wearing 2019 SS Trend Pastel Green

Style Challenge: Wearing 2019 SS Trend Pastel Green


So, that was me taking the style challenge to wear a 2019 SS Trend: Pastel Green. If you do end up creating a look with a trend of the season or in the same one, share it with me here. You can also tag @aditiparashar on your Instagram. I’ll definitely leave a review/shoutout.


Don’t forget to get this outfit & more from Shein using code ‘9ADITI’ sitewide to get an additional 15% off!


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep taking chances and redefining yourself.

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