Style Story: I hate Yellow?

Let me give you some context about this bizarre title. Basically, I have strong reservations about yellow. Yes, the color yellow. Yes, I have hated it for as long as I can remember. The reason? I have no clue. It just always seemed like a peculiar color. I mean, of course, I only loved/wore black as a teenager but Yellow was just a big pet peeve.

But Aditi, that doesn’t add it up because here you’re in Yellow from head to toe:

Style Story: I hate Yellow?


As a travel in style blogger, I always aim to experiment and go out of my comfort zone. So, when I realized that the trend is moving back towards this color, I was a little uncomfortable, to say the least. Nonetheless, staying true to my motivations about this blog, I started to experiment with this color.

Experimenting with Yellow:

I started with a skater dress over a white off-shoulder top, last summer. I realized two things- 1) Yello looks fantastic in pictures; 2) my hate yellow campaign may actually be totally pointless.

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However, I never quite wore the dresses in my day to day outfits much. It just remained that one-time picture props and at the back of my wardrobe. Of the many creative excuses I made for this, a recurring one was that people usually wear all-black/all-white in Paris and yellow will be a bit much amongst so many people wearing black or all-white in summer.

This excuse didn’t hold water when I planned my trip to Asia.

So, I decided to make another effort to put aside my hate yellow notion and wear a wrap style dress.

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However, I was still not ready to make this color a part of my day to day outfits. I added another excuse to the list- I can’t wear these dresses to school or to work as they’re too casual. However, the real reason was still just that I just had never gotten over my disdain for yellow.

Honestly, at this point, this just seemed insane to me. I just didn’t buy this weird relationship I had with this color. Especially when I love wearing colors, in general. I mean, this was just such a trivial thing so why was it affecting me so much!

Getting over the Hate:

I decided to counter all my excuses at the root of it: use yellow in a formal (semi-formal) style. The easiest choice for this was a blazer. So, that’s what I did. I got a yellow blazer and styled it. I gave myself an occasion to wear it, too. The key here was that this was not a big occasion so as to confine this outfit to that set-up again.

Since this was during autumn, the color pallet also matched the mood and I shed my apprehensions.

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Finally, I found myself getting comfortable with this color and even using this blazer to style with other outfits frequently.

Challenge Continues?

I still struggled with the dresses. So, I got another one in the color. This dress was absolutely everything I love in a dress- details, pleats, ruffles… just in yellow. I styled & loved it again, however, it still sits at the back of my wardrobe.

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So, what I have deduces is:

a) I have a weird relationship with a mere color and strange enough for me to write an entire blog describing my journey with it.

b) While I don’t hate yellow, I certainly don’t like it.

c) I will wear yellow as long as the piece I’m wearing is functional, well rounded, kind of semi-formal, Parisian enough, and super chic.

Style Story: I hate Yellow?

Like this amazing suit ensemble, I created with a pair of yellow trousers, my blazer from before and this super cute floral blouse. (Get this blouse here | Shopping in India? buy here)

Style Story: I hate Yellow?

Style Story: I hate Yellow?

I will, of course, keep styling more yellow, maybe even stumble upon a dress I could wear more of. And in the process, probably hate yellow less and get over this weird notion.

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