5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits

5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits

Bodysuits maybe in for about 2 years now but since it’s never too late to try something new, I tried my first bodysuit this week. I could’ve done it earlier but I always took it to be such a celebrity shenanigan and something not a ‘normal’ person like me would be able to pull off. I think even when I finally tried it, I was definitely taking a fashion risk. However, I was quite pleased with the final result which is why I decided to share this 5 step guide for choosing & styling bodysuits.

Before I jump to the list, let me share my concerns about wearing a bodysuit. First of all, it feels like a bathing suit and I think that thought makes me uncomfortable enough. Moreover, I don’t like to be all tucked in because well, not everyone loves their torso. And most importantly, I hate fussing over clothes and at least in theory, bodysuits seem like an uncomfortable choice. I obviously feel differently now once that I have tried it. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve bought 4 more of those fabulous fashion pieces.

After all, I may be late to the bodysuit style, but I see it as being fashionably late to the trend train but with no regrets.

My Outfit: I got my bodysuit from my favorite and trustworthy Shein.com! This floral bodysuit is comfortable, functional and super chic with its tie. I think it’s totally passable as a business casual wear, too, with the right coat. If you love it as much as I do, buy it here: http://bit.ly/2lLP1vt

(Shopping in India? Buy it here: https://bit.ly/2LI4YOp )

5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits



Suitable Occasions:

There’re literally all kinds of bodysuits in the world. So, it’s impossible to find one for your occasion. I especially recommend as a key-piece when you want to have a casual chic style. I also would recommend against it on a busy day because trying to pee in one would either be too time-consuming or put you in that jumpsuit dilemma situation.

5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits

Step 1: Understanding Bodysuits

Bodysuits are universally flattering and look like a fancier version of your everyday top. The neat tuck is what makes it your biggest friend as well as your enemy. Especially in a case where you’re a little curvy &/or not confident about your torso, like me. They come in all kinds of materials and styles, so go for what usually works for you when you buy a blouse. They can be worn as a part of any outerwear for the same reason. Because the tuck is so defined, if you have a longer or smaller torso, finding the one for you may be difficult. So, try many of them before you make your mind about one!

5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits

Step 2: Choosing the one for you

While a plain tucket in bodysuit is perfect for a woman with a smaller bust, you may want to go for a plunging neckline or a V when you have a bigger bust. If you’re concerned about your torso area looking bad, get a bodysuit with a tassel tie-up or belt to highlight your curves and draw the silhouette. Never buy a bodysuit which is too tight or too big. Make sure the fabric is breathable and light at the bottom so it doesn’t look bulky under the bottom.

5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits

Step 3: Choosing the bottoms

The easiest answer is to go for high waisted bottoms. Whether it is a skirt, shorts, trousers, or jeans, just choose something with a higher waist so you can leverage on that flawless tuck instead of being conscious about it. If you’re very confident about your torso or are feeling too risky, low waist jeans may look fabulous too.

5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits

Step 4: Styling Bodysuits

I love to lightly accessorize my outfits and it goes the same with a bodysuit. You may have understood by now that you want to keep the attention away from your torso and to your curves in a bodysuit, so don’t bulk the neckline. A small choker or a light necklace is a good idea instead. Stick to one color-pallet so that your bodysuit doesn’t look like a bodysuit. Yep! that’s the key – style it so seamlessly it doesn’t look like a bodysuit!

5 step guide: Choosing & Styling BodySuits

Step 5: The Add-Ons

Wear a long coat to accentuate the shape or wear a belt on your skirt to give it shape. Basically, you now have a lot of scopes to add the statement style pieces by cutting the bulk a usual top brings v/s a bodysuit. Styling bodysuits make me also appreciate the style quotient of the add-ons from a completely different angle, too!


So, that was my guide on choosing and styling bodysuits. Maybe I’ll do women mini hot dress next. (LOL JK) Show me how you styled yours and share your pro tips, too, in the comments below. Don’t forget to buy this chic bodysuit and more from Shien using  http://bit.ly/2lLP1vt. For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY.

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