Styling Challenge: Festival Look

Styling Challenge: Festival Look

First things first, I am not a Festival person. With so many people, days out of the comforts of your house, and the necessity to engage, the only feeling ‘festivals’ induce in me involve anxiety. So, it’s only fair that I have never done a festival look before today. If you’re wondering what changed, well, I simply love fashion and in the experimental fashion zone I am, when few of you asked me for tips on festival fashion, I took it up as a challenge.


Since I’m not into the FOMO show, I had to research a  bit for the looks and trends that are on fire. I have to say that the boho-vibes are definitely a crowd favorite. Which convinced me to jump on the wagon, basically, because I could wear that to a beach, too! Hence, if you’re not quite the festival types, you should still check out this look because seriously, who doesn’t like the beach!


Well, to make this easier, I have a list of must-haves for the perfect Festival Look and then I talk about how I personalized my own look and what inspired that. So, sit tight; JK, scroll down.


The Must-Haves for a Festival Look this season:

  • Tinted Shades: Festivals are all about loud colors and shades are the best way to achieve that, instantly.
  • Boho Statement Accessories: Doesn’t matter what your outfit is, a statement accessory which is the size of your face is how extra you need to be to fit in.
  • Rodeo Pieces: Dramatic Belts with popping buckles, rugged jackets, tassel hats… bring out all your rodeo guns.
  • Pop Makeup: Festival Makeup is loud, bold, and colorful. Literally, the best time to match that blue eyeshadow with the red lipstick. So, go on and express yourself!
  • Glitter: Obviously! And, don’t even try to pretend that this doesn’t make you excited! Add glitter in your makeup, shoes, body, hair… everywhere you like, seriously.


My Festival Look:


Cream Colored Flared Skirt,

Off shoulder crop-top,

Double-buckle belt,

Straw Flats with glitter straps,

Yellow-tinted Shades,

and a Blue Sling Bag for essentials


Hair and Makeup:

Natural Semi-waves with Space buns

Strong eye-makeup, light contour, with a Retro Red Lipstick



My Look has been largely inspired by the boho-chic vibes. I haven’t gone all out with the pop and the glitter, etc but I’ve certainly enjoyed styling something off my regular street styling menu. I also recommend experimenting with some bolder colors and choosing neons over pastels for your own! Of course, comfort above all, which should really be my blog motto by new or something.

Styling Challenge: Festival Look Styling Challenge: Festival Look Styling Challenge: Festival Look  Styling Challenge: Festival Look

Key Takeaways:

Would I do it again? Hell yes! Would I go to a  festival? Not soon enough, but I do have beaches in my near future, so that’s gonna be fun!

I’m especially thrilled that I’ve ended up learning a new hairstyle, so, that’s a BIG plus!


Well, that was my Festival Look. What do you think? Did I nail this style challenge or fail it? Do you have any advice for me? Better yet! Do you have a ‘Style Challenge’ for me? Share it all in comments below and let’s swap the style files.


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep reading ERTSY. Till then, embrace the free spirit and love yourself!  x

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