Styling: Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don’ts

Styling: Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don'ts

As a woman who’s hustling to create a bomb career and life for herself, keeping up with the fashion priorities can be a tad bit troublesome. Understandably, you want to look & feel your best when you conquer the world. Smart ladyboss workwear, after all, isn’t only about looking sharp but also reeking confidence. So, here’s a styling guide just for the likes of you!

This main point of this article is to suggest ways to make your workwear more efficient and sorted, like the rest of your ladyboss life is! The key outfit piece I’m wearing here- Semi-Sheer Blouse With Ruffles is from my partner site Shein. You can buy this and more awesome workwear at affordable prices from their site. Use code ‘9Aditi’ for an additional 15% off. (Shopping in India? Click here)

I’m someone who struggles with dressing up on a daily basis, especially under a time crunch, because even though my wardrobe is twice the size of what I need, I never really have anything to wear. The way I’ve conquered this between jobs and business school (both places that require dressing up) is by creating some dos and don’ts for myself. In fact, I’ve even separated my wardrobe as per the principles that are given below. Personally, it has not only made the choice but also getting ready in a time crunch super easy.


Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don’ts:


Styling: Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don'ts

Create a Uniform/Basics

So, all the successful men in the world have enjoyed the luxury of wearing the same thing to work every day and hence saving time to do more important things. I don’t see why we women can’t do the same. I’m not asking you to go all Zuckerberg but you can have a dedicated section in your wardrobe just for matching workwear outfits, ready to go. So, you add a little something to it (like scarves/ accessories) to it if you like but it’s a complete outfit even if you don’t.



The basics that you curate for yourself should be primarily made up of blacks and whites. They’re not only the easiest to style, have versatility but are also the most classy pieces. Moreover, people remember colors whereas blacks and whites are forgotten easily, so even when you’re basically repeating an outfit, no one really remembers.

Feel free to add Nudes, Blues, & Reds to these monochromes but try to not create one outfit with more than two colors.

Styling: Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don'ts

Go for lighter colors

If, like mine, your wardrobe will not feel complete without color, go for the lighter ones. Like lilac, yellow, or pink. They are not only happier colors but are also easier to style and attention-grabbing. All that you want from your fashion!

Statement Blouses & high necks are for everyone

No matter what any fashion police tells you, everyone looks fabulous in statement blouses and high necks. For your ladyboss workwear wardrobe, have a good balance of these as statement pieces. They’ll always be very flattering for you, rest assured.

Styling: Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don'ts

Minimalist Accessorizing

Accessorizing is an additional step but can be added in a minimalist way. You really don’t want these metal pieces weighing you down or tainting your classy fashion.

Create a go-to beauty routine

A beauty routine is a big part of getting ready for work (only if you’re into it). So, make it efficient, too. A 3 or 4-step beauty routine is enough to make you look even more fabulous than you already are. I, for example, use a 4-in-1 BB cream, eyebrow pencil, and matte lip color for my daily beauty routine. You can add a mascara/Kajal/eyeliner to this, too!



Wear distressed pieces

This is really obvious but a distressed piece is difficult to style for a workwear outfit and can look really cheap. You definitely don’t want that vibe at your place of work.

Compromise on Comfort

It doesn’t get more basic than this. I know people who can rock heels and then there’re people like me who wear sneakers with dresses. But does that make my outfits any less stellar? No, ma’am! All I mean to say by that is your comfort is of prime importance in your plan for world domination. So, personalize your ladyboss workwear curation to have that as the biggest consideration.

Styling: Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don'ts

Let your fashion stop you from pacing forward

When I was researching for this article, I read things like – busty women shouldn’t wear blouses or high necks, workwear shouldn’t have ‘too much’ make up, blah blah blah… You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. As long as your fashion (or beauty routine) is not coming in the way of your success, you’re golden.

Last but not least, never hesitate to mix things up every once in a while, your style is your way of expressing yourself, after all.


So, hope these tips help put efficiency in your work wardrobe. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, feedback, and tips in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out all of the amazing fashion on Shein and get 15% off using code ‘9ADITI’.


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