Styling outfits inspired by FRIENDS

I recently read somewhere how FRIENDS was the top viewed show in the lockdown period. Granted I can’t find the accurate statistic, reference, or source to quote this information but I definitely believe it because it’s 100% true for my case. I’ve been obsessed with the FRIENDS TV Series for as long as I can remember but this year has brought me even closer to the 6. I found comfort in those laughter tracks and in miming along all the lines through all the solitary moments and more. In my 3rd or 4th binge of this year, I also started re-appreciating the sense of distinct fashion among all the members. It definitely added to their character, too. Therefore, I decided to style outfits inspired by FRIENDS for this blog.


So, I actually started them out by creating fun reels on my Instagram earlier last month but I decided to compile them in this blog to put all the outfits together for you and also for archiving purposes. I also found that a lot of bloggers do these kinds of outfits much earlier in their content-creating journey. So, I may actually be quite late to the party but I def brought my own edge. For one, these outfits are specifically for the colder seasons. Moreover, while they mimic the distinct sense of style of the iconic characters, they are not costume-like and can easily be worn around by ‘normal’ people like me and you!


Before we go further, let me tell you that the pieces that I’ve used to create my looks are from my partner site Shein. You too can go premium with them without breaking your bank using SHEIN. I’ve linked the shopping links directly in the text below the visuals so you can shop these looks (& more).  Don’t forget to check out these pieces and a lot more from Shein. I love their fashion, conscious, and premium collection. Use my code  ‘5ADITI’for an additional 15% at checkout.

1. Hippie Chic Phoebe Buffay

Outfit Details:

Floral black flare dress

Faux fur coat

Frayed Trim Plaid Scarf

Over the knee boots

2. OG Chic queen Rachel Green

Outfit Details:

White blouse with tie-up collar

Black blazer vest coat

Black skirt

Over the knee boots

3. Weird and funky Chandler Bing

Outfit Details:

PREMIUM Purple tie-up shirt

Grey half sweater vest

Beige cigarette pants

PREMIUM White block heel boots


4. Effortless hottie Monica Gellar

Outfit Details:

Red turtleneck

Blue flare jeans

PREMIUM White block heel boots

5. The classic Ross Gellar

Outfit Details:

PREMIUM Black Faux leather jacket

Red turtleneck

Black jeggings

Over the knee boots

Bonus: Add a funky mask to your outfits like this Rhinestone Decor Face Mask to make your outfit look even chic-er.

Voila, that’s me Styling outfits inspired by FRIENDS. Which one is your favorite? Which one did you like the most? Do you have any other inspo ideas? Leave it all in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out these pieces and a lot more from Shein, their fashion, conscious, and premium collection. Use my code  ‘5ADITI’for an additional 15% off the SHEIN site at checkout.

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