Styling Summer Maxi Dress: Dos & Don’ts

Styling Summer Maxi Dress: Dos & Don'ts

Summer Maxi Dress AKA an easy breezy summer fashion choice. I discovered my love for Maxis in general about a year ago. If styled the right way, they are legit the most stylish yet comfortable outfit choice. However, styling them for each season can be tricky due to the conflicting tips and variations. So, what do you do? Yes! Consult this Do’s and Don’t’s list for styling your summer maxi dress perfectly.

Interestingly, I also give a visual insight into the styling with, wait for it… my own pictures! (k, don’t judge) So, hopefully, that will make your style choices easier. I mean, do as me if you like & if you don’t, you know exactly what to avoid. (fml)

So, let’s jump into my Dos and Don’t’s list now before I kill you with my awkward and kind of unnecessary humor.

Styling Summer Maxi Dress: Dos & Don'ts


1. Befriend Colors and Prints

I, for example, am digging the striped for this season which is why I chose my shirt style maxi with cool blue stripes. I think it fits right into the street style scenics while exuberating the beach vibes, too.

2. Shape it up

Use a belt to define your shape and add definition. I think, this is a general tip for all but especially so with a summer maxi dress because you don’t want to over-do it and make it look bulky. A safer option is to buy a maxi that already has a matching belt!

Styling Summer Maxi Dress: Dos & Don'ts

3. Layer under or over

Don’t underestimate the power of layering. Wear a cotton top underneath and leave the buttons open for a V-shape or wear your dress with a denim or leather jacket for a more badass look.


Styling Summer Maxi Dress: Dos & Don'ts


1. Choose heavy fabrics

You need light fabrics. That’s the golden rule of choosing anything to wear in summer. A maxi dress in a heavy fabric is tempting due to the flair but will leave you with oh so many skin troubles and an unhappy day.

2. Go below ankle length

I mean, I would rather wear a midi dress than a floor-length gown in the summer. Besides, when you wear those cute summer shoes, they gotta have space of their own, yes?

Styling Summer Maxi Dress: Dos & Don'ts

3. Bulk the top

A common mistake people make when styling a maxi is by bulking the top. Chokers and ruffles are pretty but not quite for a summer maxi. Opt for those on an off-shoulder maxi but make sure never to bulk the top.

Styling Summer Maxi Dress: Dos & Don'ts

Bonus: The shorter you are, the higher you want the slit in your summer maxi dress to be! *wink*


So, that’s all about my do’s and don’ts list for styling a summer maxi dress. What would you add to the list and make it better? I can always use more ideas… so, share in comments below!


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For more of my travel in style adventures, keep reading ERTSY! Till then, enjoy summer and keep loving yourself!

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