Summer 2019 Style Trends: Favorites

Summer 2019 Style Trends: Favorites

Summer 2019 is almost here & the style has been refreshing in ways like never before. Other than being beautiful & chic, as usual, this year the industry is more actively focusing on topics around sustainability & inclusivity. Obviously, that doesn’t mean we still don’t have big fashion houses that aren’t ignorant or mildly racist but it does mean there’s no hope. Today’s article is about Summer 2019 styles that I love the most. So, let’s focus on that.

Before we move forward though, I just want to give a small disclaimer. I regularly share trend based articles on my blog but that doesn’t mean that trends are the gospel of fashion. They’re just here to kind of guide you if you’re into it. But if you prefer more casual or classic styles or just basics, you can read these for leisure &/or absolutely ignore them. In a nutshell, trends aren’t what defines fashion, fashion is much wider and localized. So, don’t let any trend watch shame you into wearing something that makes you too uncomfortable or unhappy.

That said, let’s get into this article with my favorites from the Summer 2019 Style Trends. I’ve created this list in a ‘wishlist’ form so that if you love a style you see, you can buy it directly using the links. You can also explore more on the partner site links I’ve tagged here & use my code ‘9ADITI’ to get an additional 15% off on your purchase.

So, let’s dive in:

1. Prints Mash Up

Prints are back big this season. There’re the regular prints but also the print-on-print mash-ups to give your wardrobe that edgy feel. I recommend starting with airy printed maxi dresses or a midi skirt like in my blog here to get a hang of the trend & then getting into the experimentative zone depending on what works out for you.



Summer 2019 Style Trends: Favorites Prints Maxi

2. Feathers

Fringes & feathers were almost here in the last season but this year is more feathers than fringes, TBH. I think I love the versatility of these overlays and the details they provide to take a simple outfit to the next level.


Summer 2019 Style Trends: Favorites Feather Top


3. Tie & Die

I never thought Tie & die would be something I would like but seeing the neon as the color splash alternative this season, I will definitely be willing to give it a go. I like the relaxed summer vibe attached to it and would recommend clothes that exemplify the same.



Summer 2019 Style Trends: Favorites Tie & Die


4. Pastel Look

Whether it is the California Pastel look or the pastels on Ruffles, Bardots, or Suits, this trend is here to stay. While color schema is the same from 2018 & 2017, the difference is in the drama/chill factor. The pastel look is now across the board in all kinds of clothing and well, I for one, love it.


5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity


5. Colors to look out for- Beige & Lavender

Beige & Lavender are coming in big this season in terms of solid colors. So, if you’re not into pastels, you can always add these colors to your wardrobe and be a part of the summer 2019 style trends.


Styling: Ladyboss Workwear Dos & Don'ts



So, those are all the Summer 2019 Style Trends that I’m looking out for. Have you been looking at some other amazing fashion trends for summer 2019, too? Share them with me in the comments below.

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For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, stay stylish & keep slaying. xo

Feature Image: Elle SS19 Trends

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