3-way Shorts for Formalwear: Summer must have

3-way Shorts for Formalwear: Summer must have

One of the biggest, easiest to digest trends for Spring/Summer 2020 are shorts. I mean, it was bizarre, to say the least – watching them on the runway. In every style, fabric, & length, with sequins, in pastels, and more- from Saint Laurent to Etro to Micheal Kors, and even Celine, shorts are not just a summer staple to stay to cool but a full-blown fashion statement. As someone who just lives in suits, the suits with shorts caught my attention the most. And that is what inspired me to write these tips on how to style shorts for formalwear.

I did a bit of research to find that women didn’t start wearing shorts until the 1930s, though they were still considered risqué. Even in the ’40s and ’50s, women were banned from wearing shorts in a few cities. Unsurprisingly, shorts became a subtle feminist symbol but never had the impact of, say, a pantsuit. Shorts don’t stand out in our memory the way a suffragette’s all-white outfit does, probably because they didn’t remain a taboo; shorts were commonplace for men and women by the ’60s. (Thanks, Vogue!)

So, shorts are fresh, comfortable, and trendy- which makes them a perfect staple in your closet. And yes, some people may tell you that shorts only work for certain body types, but they can go f— themselves. If you’re feeling like shorts, wear them to your heart’s content.


3-way Shorts for Formalwear

I think the key to styling formal wear, in general, is having 1-2 chic, elevated pieces in the mix. But with shorts, the most important thing is to go one size up & be a minimalist. You want to be mindful of the formal-attire-vibe while looking like the boss-lady you are. So, with that in mind, let’s jump into this 3-way styling guide.


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1. Laid-back with Pastels

3-way Shorts for Formalwear: Summer must have

You can never go wrong with pastels in summer and a pair of pastel denim shorts may just be the most perfect pick you’ll have. Pair this light-colored piece with an oversized white shirt and you’ll have the perfect Friday wear. I wanted to add some print to my outfit, so I wore a printed scarf as a belt. And of course, take a pastel bag to complete your look.


2. High-waisted classy

3-way Shorts for Formalwear: Summer must have

High-waisted shorts are the perfect way to be classy while dabbing into the casual-chic territory. Wear with a blouse or an oversized shirt to ensemble your look. I added fishnet mesh socks under my sandals to make my outfit even more elevated. Pair the outfit with a bold bag to finish your look.

TBH this has to be my favorite pair of shorts of the three here. You can find it here – Solid shorts with pockets.


3. Shorts-suit monochrome

3-way Shorts for Formalwear: Summer must have

If you love pantsuits & blazers as I do, short-suits are going to be your go-to this summer. Honestly, you can pair any of the above looks with a blazer, too. But if you want the ultimate classy look, go for a monochrome short-suit look. I paired my light khaki shorts with a cream/white blazer to create this ensemble. Add a belt for a cinched waist and wear it with a pair of heels to maximize the boss-babe vibes.


Voila, that was my 3-way shorts for formalwear. Which way are you going to style your shorts? Do you have another styling go-to that I may have missed? Go ahead and share it in the comment section below.

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