5 Questions that will help determine your Mental Health

While we do talk about Fashion and Travel Lifestyle, a big part of it all is mental health and we believe that as a a community it is imperative we discuss about it. Mental Illness Awareness means recognizing that mental illness is as real as any physical illness. Therefore, at

3 Counters I use when in the ‘Self-Esteem’ dilemma

3 Counters I use when in the 'Self-Esteem' dilemma

The battle with self-esteem issues is not an easy one. Despite acting as a decisive factor in the nurture of a particular human being, it is an 'Issue' that is neither classified as a mental disorder nor has a direct physical repercussion. Even though it may be a huge trigger


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A poem by a poet who wishes to be identified by her pen-name -Annie O' Hara, I only post it for art and talent like such needs audience. There might be words for silence But not a remedy for heartache And I have been in pain since But now the pain is taking toll. Summers

Rubber Chappal

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Another India-Pakistan Partition story, based on true events & written from an outsiders' perspective! “But baba, my chappal?” Runi kept shouting. “Maadi, you’re the best!” Runi had exclaimed in excitement when her mother gifted her those 8 aanas rubber chappals last Diwali. No one in the world, other than Runi knew the