Light up your Living with The Purple Turtles

Light up your Living with The Purple Turtles

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas. Because life is all about how you found the light within, let's share with you something that has been so feel good and lit up us at Ertsy, figuratively and literally! *wink* Major announcement at the end!!! Often in life, we stumble upon some so amazing things, people or

Breakthrough in Age-Reversal – Sens India!

SENS Clinic.

Amidst a class-clad and healthy environment and an amazing fashion decor to suit the theme behind the very concept, Sens India launched its first clinic in India on April 21st by Mr.Sanjay Sachdeva and his team of brilliant doctors, all expert in their fields. ‘Sens’ is an innovative and a creative,

The City Chick! #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Fashion Travel

Hello, lovely people! Thank you for your continued support and overwhelming response to our fashion blog. The gone weeks have certainly been thrilling and tiring, and the coming weeks have a lot of exciting promotions and give-aways lined up to show our appreciation for your undying support. The city chick is

Rubber Chappal

muddy feet

Another India-Pakistan Partition story, based on true events & written from an outsiders' perspective! “But baba, my chappal?” Runi kept shouting. “Maadi, you’re the best!” Runi had exclaimed in excitement when her mother gifted her those 8 aanas rubber chappals last Diwali. No one in the world, other than Runi knew the


A story set in the background of India-Pakistan Partition. A tribute to the many families that lost a little more than just a 'piece of land', like my own. A lavish house in West Delhi, year 2012, a prosperous family of nine, kids, men and women chatting and doing home chores,