5 Decor Hacks for your Bachelor Pad

5 Decor Hacks for your Bachelor Pad

The whole Ertsy community knows how I have moved out of my parent's home to my own apartment (in Paris, yes!). And, I'm always looking for great ways to make myself feel more at home in this Bachelor Pad I call home. While it has certainly been difficult shifting my life,

5 Takeaways from the Paradox of Being Busy

Well, it had been long since I talked about mental health and since I took a complete break from blogging last week, it gave me a long time to wonder. Even though I took the break because of my finals, it was also motivated by the constant burden of work

5 favorite Hollywood Prom Style dresses!

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

Prom style dresses are magnificent and absolutely breathtaking if chosen correctly. To be honest, you can be any body shape, type, or size, and you'll always look mesmerizing & straight out of a fairytale in a prom-style dress. Personally, I have never been to Prom because we didn't have that

7 Inspiring Women You Should Know about

7 Inspiring Women You Should Know about

Although you can't celebrate women or the womanhood in a day, International Women's Day is a great reminder and starting point. Originally called International Working Women's Day, it is celebrated on March 8 every year. And, I'm absolutely ecstatic to talk about these awesome, women entrepreneurs who are working at different

3 must visit places in Paris for Art Lovers

5 must visit places in Paris for Art Lovers

In an attempt to rekindle the (faux) artist in me, I have decided to dedicate this week to art. So, this article is specifically an ode to Paris, but the Paris for Art Lovers. Of course, if you've just decided to go around in the city, you can also check

5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas or is it a lazy fashionista? Well, well, well; I completely understand that loving fashion and being lazy is not a very amicable combination but then, what am I here for if not to make your life easier! *wink* So, I've got 5 awesome lazy fashionista hacks for

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

For those who've stuck around for a while, it is no news that I've been a bundle of insecurities before I started this travel in style blog and it has helped me empower myself in one-too-many-ways. Which is why I hold everything I have learned in the process is very dear

5 smart travel hacks for budget traveler

5 nonchalantly simple travel hacks

Whether I'm trying to unwind, relax, looking for a thrill, or seeking new experiences, travel is what I turn to. So, it is only fair to say that my life is all about traveling. However, if you've spent a considerable amount of time moving around, you'd know that it sure

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

Upon completing a beautiful year in Paris, I can finally give you a deeper glance into everything Parisian. Or so I hope. Well, nonetheless, I can vouch for my favorite, Paris in Autumn. Now, even though there’s nothing quite beautiful like the cherry blossoms at Eiffel tower in the spring, the

5 Signs you’re an Alpha Female

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

Right from the time we woman are born, we're asked to cover up, hide, be docile, quiet, and everything associated with being ashamed. It is sad, but in one intensity or another, depending on where we are from (culturally), we've all been taught this. However, since a society doesn't stand a