The Brit Solo Trip!

The Brit Solo Trip!

Hey Ertsy people! I’m talking about my solo trip to Great Britain today. For those who’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, this series is not new, but wait! there’re more things here for you, too!

So, for two weeks I’ve been in the UK, Oxford, precisely for the Oxford Summer Courses and it has been a major dream vacation with all the work it came with.

While the trip was an amazing experience in itself; being my first solo trip and all, it also brought in a great sense of struggle that any traveler feels. I found myself at a grave lack of good places to eat for the most authentic experience in this solo venture I had undertaken. So, obviously I turned to the internet. Several restaurant reviews later, I found myself on the squaremeal site. This recently renewed site literally helped me put myself through my first ever trip because of how amazing and handy it is. Now with a revamped look, it’s better than ever to search, reserve places to eat and even book venues.

The cause & the stay:

I could make enough time to go in and around Oxford, Baths, Blenheim and of course, London and here are my anecdotal experiences from the same!

If you ever visit Oxford, walk to the end of Woodstock road and a dip-arched entrance on your left will be the Somerville College; one of the constituent colleges of the Oxford University, it has stood through both the World Wars and a lot more. Walk through the arch and you’ll emerge into the scenic, one of the most powerful and revolutionary colleges that has stood through almost a century and a half.

The Alma Matter of leaders, writers and thinkers like Booker Prize winner Tessa Ross, Indra Gandhi, Cornelia Sorabji, Margaret Thatcher, Nobel Prize winner Dorothy Hodgkin and more, Somerville dwells and imbibes on ideas of revolution.

Entering through the arch makes you question, there’s just something about it here. Even with the automatic doors now. There’s just a sense of empowerment that you feel here; after all, some of the greatest ideas have taken birth in these chinks and caverns. So, you stand there with the questions of your little existence and even if you don’t unravel the greatest mysteries, you do get the ideas.

Solo trip bath Oxford London

In that moment, of reflection and revelation, history says, you find yourself.

Here is where I stayed for these two weeks and studied, too! 

Oxford-Bath Highlights:

From here, we commenced our trips and tours. The first being to the very Christ Church College!

Christ church college is one of the biggest and the oldest colleges in the Oxford University. It is also famous for the fact that a mathematics tutor here wrote a fantasy story series out of affection for the dean’s daughter (Lewis Carol – Alice in Wonderland) and for here are dining halls and corridors where Dumbledore always gave the extra points to Gryffindor!
Known for its galore and academics alike, it is a major touring spot in the city with a cathedral inside and a very rich history.
Christ Church is known to make you believe in Magic and the Wonderland!


The next trip in my solo trip was the Blenheim Palace!

Some places are made to commemorate and celebrate legacies!
One such is the Blenheim Palace in the U.K.
Built and gifted to celebrate the contribution of the Dukes during the Monarchy, this became the birthplace of the great Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill!
It is the only non-royal non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace.
(Oh, and that’s me in front of it because well I’m looking great, too. :p)



And then, the Great Roman Baths.

By the Great Roman Baths, you’d feel mesmerized by its beauty and the stories it holds from an era of centuries ago. But if you’re lucky enough, you see beyond the paradigms of reality and reflect on how the philosophies and the sciences work together to make the world what it is today. And, they sure go way back!

Solo trip bath Oxford London

Oh! The port meadow hike along the River Thames, was one of the best things!

Because only in Britain, you can just walk to the countryside from the city and feel like you are setting sail for an adventure! ?
Walking in the Port Meadows alongside river Thames!

Solo trip bath Oxford London

London tour:

The highlight of my trip has to be the London Cruise I took! Well, it even started on an interesting note!

Overheard at the Big Ben:
5 Year old kid and Mother walking towards the site.
Mother: There babe is the Big Ben! Let’s rush, Ben is now going to be at Big Ben.
5 Year old: But mum, I’m bigger Ben!

Solo trip bath Oxford London

And from here, we took the cruise to go all-around in London in the Thames starting at the Westminster. The cruise covered almost everything remotely significant and along the river in the best way possible!

The London Eye!

Solo trip bath Oxford London


I would like to take this moment to thank Sir Karan Johar for making me believe in the magic of London. I would also like to thank London for making this solo trip extra special. <3
*Plays Vande Matram Track from K3G in distance*

Solo trip bath Oxford London


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  1. Beautiful! I studied abroad in London a few years ago. Oxford blew me away and I cannot wait to go back.

  2. How beautiful!!! I’m glad you’ve had the chance to come over and uncover one of our many Gems! Oxford is beautiful and you’ve captured it even more beautifully! Your pictures give me a Harry Potter feel of the place!

    Cambridge is beautiful too! You should go and check it out!

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